What are the effects of oxytherapy?

The skin’s ability to take in oxygen slows down over time. This situation causes the regeneration and repair of the skin to decrease. Skin cells need energy to do their job. This problem usually occurs in old age. Young people do not have this problem. As the skin ages, it begins to be more affected by some factors. Smoking, malnutrition, wrongly used cosmetic products and the harmful effects of the sun are the factors that negatively affect the skin. In these cases, the skin is worn out. It begins to wrinkle and sag. Oxygen is very important for this tired skin.

Oxytherapy is the process of injecting pure oxygen into the lower layer of the skin with pressure without using a needle, and infusing the products with the appropriate molecular structure into the skin.

From the moment the oxygen application starts, the oxygen activator product and oxygen reach the lower layers of the skin. Thus, blood circulation accelerates and it becomes easier to remove toxins. Thanks to this application, cell aging is delayed. If oxytherapy is applied to the skin with a certain pressure, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

In oxytherapy, the skin is cleaned first. Peeling is applied to purify the skin. Then oxygen is applied to the face, neck and décolleté. Cleansed skin easily accepts oxygen. The process is completed with anti-aging serum, massage and mask applications. When the application is finished, the skin is bright and lively. Session duration is approximately half an hour. If the skin is worn, 5-10 sessions are sufficient. For older skin, the application can take up to 20 sessions.


– Provides regeneration of skin cells.
– It accelerates blood circulation.
There is an increase in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Vitality, brightness and recovery are seen on the skin.
– Improvements occur in skin tone.
– Deformed places in the tissue tighten.
– Under-eye bags are removed.
-Moisture requirement is provided.
– A decrease is seen in the scars.
-Vitamins A, C, E show antioxidant effect.
-Reduction in cellulite.
-Expands lung capacity.
– It regulates your sleep.
-Improves your immune system.
It ensures proper nutrition of all organs and prolongs productivity periods.

In a normal skin care, the products applied to the skin are absorbed by the skin for a long time. In fact, this absorption can never reach a high level. In oxytherapy application, both oxygen and application products are delivered to the lowest layer of the epidermis by using ionized special products and serums thanks to pressurized oxygen. Oxygen and ionized products are transported through the space between epidermis cells under optimal oxygen pressure without damaging the epidermal barrier. The products and oxygen are absorbed from the blood vessels and show the therapeutic effect.

The application has no limitations, patterns and frameworks. It can be applied to any age group. Oxygen therapy prices vary according to the number of sessions and demand. It is recommended to use the special products recommended for you at home after the session. This makes the effect more permanent and long. If the application is desired, it can also be applied to different areas. It all depends on the person’s wishes and discomfort. Generally, satisfactory results have been obtained from people who have undergone this operation.

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