What are the causes of forgetfulness in young people? How does it go?

When it comes to forgetfulness, dementia, which is usually seen in advanced ages, comes to mind. When young people realize that they are experiencing forgetfulness, their first fear is whether there is the onset of dementia. However, the incidence of dementia in young people is very low. The problem of forgetfulness does not need to be treated unless it causes any decrease in the person’s performance or certain problems in his social life.

What are the Causes of Forgetfulness at a Young Age? How to Prevent Forgetfulness at Young Age?

” Underneath the problem of forgetfulness seen at young ages, mental problems and depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and vitamin deficiencies that we encounter more commonly with modern life emerge. At the beginning of these vitamin deficiencies are B12 and folate. Any problem in thyroid hormones can also cause forgetfulness, and it is recommended that this problem be investigated by experts. At this time, the problem of forgetfulness can often be encountered, especially in young people who work. It is stated that the problem of forgetfulness descends to young ages due to the increase in the use of various technological devices such as computers and telephones. However, in addition to these reasons, the problem of forgetfulness can also indicate a serious underlying disease in some cases. For this reason, the problem of forgetfulness is shown as a problem that should be taken seriously. ”

Forgetfulness Should Be Taken Seriously

Depression: It is one of the most common causes of forgetfulness.” Depression is defined as the deterioration of the biochemistry of the nervous system due to compelling reasons, and indirectly the loss of function of the nervous system. Symptoms include excitement, obsession, insomnia or excessive sleepiness, and problems focusing. Forgetfulness can also be seen due to the fact that the person has a focusing problem. In today’s conditions, the intense working conditions, the constant stress of the employees due to this situation, the difficulty of living, and the air pollution are among the factors that cause depression. If depression is treated, the problem of forgetfulness that develops due to depression can also disappear. Today, depression can be treated with various medications and psychotherapy methods. Epilepsy: This disease, which is common today and can cause seizures, is known as epilepsy among the people. In this disease, forgetfulness and absent-mindedness can be seen. Malnutrition: In today’s conditions, it is seen that people turn to fast-moving consumer products due to intense working conditions and not wanting to waste time. These products, whose consumption is increasing day by day, prevent the intake of necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as cause weight problems in the person. Since people with weight problems want to lose weight quickly, they start to eat less than they need, which prevents the intake of necessary vitamins and minerals. Eating as much as necessary, on time and with natural products, that is, with foods that can meet the need for vitamins and minerals, can eliminate the problem of forgetfulness that occurs as a result of malnutrition.

Accidents at a Young Age Can Cause Forgetfulness

”Brain Damage: Some operations, accidents or serious illnesses at a young age can also cause forgetfulness. Systemic Diseases: Diseases such as goiter and diabetes, which develop as a result of problems in the thyroid glands, can also cause forgetfulness unless they are treated correctly. The correct treatment of this disease under the control of a specialist eliminates the risk of the problem of forgetfulness. In addition, it is thought that the problem of forgetfulness can be prevented to some extent by limiting the use of technological devices such as computers and telephones, which are the biggest reasons for the problem of forgetfulness in young people. Although it is not very important for the person to forget something insignificant, this forgetfulness can cause more important things to be forgotten over time and difficulties in performing daily activities. For this reason, it is important to recognize the problem of forgetfulness in the early period and seek help from a specialist in this regard, because it is stated that the recovery rate is higher in the early treatment method.

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