What are the advantages of endoscopic surgery (closed surgery)?

What are the advantages of endoscopic surgery (closed surgery)?

ClosedWhat is surgery?

Endoscopic surgery, also known as closed surgery, is the name given to the surgery performed by entering the navel with a 10 mm diameter camera. With this method, it has many advantages over classical open surgery, since a long and wide incision is not made on the patient’s abdomen.

Cosmeticas much better!

In open surgery, the wide incision made on the abdomen usually looks cosmetically bad. In young patients, it can negatively affect the self-confidence of the patient. In closed surgery, on the other hand, since the width of the incision is almost non-existent, it causes much less cosmetic damage compared to open surgery.

Operationless post-pain!

Due to the less incision and tissue damage in the abdomen in closed surgeries, and the absence of the need for suturing, the postoperative pain is much less than in open surgery.

OperationPost-infection rates are less!

Postoperative infection rates are much less in closed surgeries, since the abdominal organs do not have contact with the open air and the incision is much smaller.

Operationshorter return home

Depending on the difficulty of the surgery performed in closed surgeries, it is usually possible for the patient to return home within the same day. In open surgeries, returning home is at least 2-3 days.

OperationReturn to daily work after post-processing is much faster!

In open surgeries, the return to being able to do daily work after surgery is very short. Although it varies according to the difficulty of the surgery, returning to daily work after closed surgery is usually within 3-5 days. In open surgeries, this period lasts at least 30-45 days.

OperationPost-abdominal adhesions are less!

Due to the fact that the tissues in the abdomen are not touched by hand in the closed surgery, the intra-abdominal organs (tubes, uterus, ovaries) are not exposed to the open air, and the bleeding control is better, the adhesions that may occur in the abdomen after the closed surgery are less than in the open surgery. Postoperative adhesions are most common around the tubes and eggs. Since these adhesions disrupt the integrity of the tubes and ovaries, they can prevent pregnancy formation. For this reason, especially in young and childless women, the advantage of closed surgery in terms of the advantage of having children is much more than open surgery.

Moreeasy and safe surgery!

Since the abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide gas, tissue dissection is better provided by this gas pressure.

Since the camera and instruments can be rotated 360 degrees in all directions, areas that cannot be seen or reached in open surgeries can be easily seen and surgical procedures can be performed there.

Bleedingless, less need to donate blood!

Since it is viewed with a camera in closed surgeries, the camera has a 3-fold enlargement. Thanks to this magnification, bleeding can be seen better and bleeding control is provided better. Therefore, the need for blood donation is less.

CancerAdvantages of surgery:

The number of lymph nodes removed in cancer surgeries performed by experienced surgeons is higher in closed surgeries. Since the patient recovers quickly, postoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be given in a shorter time.


From the patient’s point of view, closed surgery has numerous advantages over open surgery. However, closed surgery is a method that is much more difficult for the surgeon than open surgery and requires experience. Unfortunately, in inexperienced hands, the possibility of undesirable problems is higher in closed surgeries (obligation to pass stool out of the abdomen for about 2 months with intestinal perforation, death as a result of large vessel injury, etc.). For this reason, closed surgeries (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) must be performed by obstetricians with special training and experience. Before closed surgery, you should definitely check whether your doctor has received this special training and whether he has sufficient experience.

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