What are Probiotics and Prebiotics?

  • probioticsare living microorganisms in our digestive system that protect our digestive system and intestinal health by providing the balance of bacteria in our intestines when consumed.

  • Many factors such as environmental stress, climate, antibiotic use, dietary changes affect our intestinal flora.

  • Just in such cases, probiotics improve the microbial balance and contribute to our intestinal flora. By competing with pathogens, it binds to the receptors before them and ensures the excretion of pathogens with feces.

  • Yogurt, cheese, pickles, raw sausage, bread, beer, wine, kumiss and kefir are dietary sources of probiotics.

  • with prebioticr is indigestible carbohydrates that increase the activity of these beneficial microorganisms and facilitate their reproduction.

  • Onions, garlic, wheat, bananas, yams, leeks, peas, asparagus are dietary sources of prebiotics.


  • Natural pre-probiotics must be included in our diet for a healthy life. If necessary, supplementation should be made as a supplement.

  • While taking probiotics as supplements, the temperature of the food consumed should not exceed 45 degrees. Because these are living microorganisms, they should not die. If our supplement is in powder form, it may be a good choice to consume it with yogurt.

  • The probiotics we use must be in soluble form in the gut. Because it should not be affected by stomach acid until it reaches the intestines. It should dissolve once it reaches the intestines. Then its bioavailability increases.

  • We need to use it for a minimum of 2 weeks to see the effect.

  • Probiotics are not only used in digestive system disorders; There are studies showing that it has a significant effect on some health problems such as food allergies, lactose intolerance, infectious diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, some cancers, heart diseases and cholesterol.

  • Probiotics contribute to the absorption of iron, calcium and vitamin D.

  • It helps to reduce insulin resistance.

  • It has a positive effect on reducing abdominal fat in polycystic ovary syndrome.

As a result, regular functioning of our digestive system is essential for a healthy life and the best helpers in this regard are probiotics.

Do not forget to add prebiotic-containing foods to your diet to feed probiotics.

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