What are genital plastic surgeries?

Both external and internal appearance are very important for women and aesthetic operations are preferred more by women around the world. We frequently see surgical procedures in most of the genital aesthetic operations that bring solutions in terms of appearance and sexual functions in the genital area. Among these, the most commonly performed are labiaplasty, vaginal tightening and clitoroplasty.


Conditions such as sagging or unevenness in the inner lips called labium minore can be corrected with labiaplasty surgery. Thanks to this surgery, women are relieved both psychologically and sociologically. Labiaplasty surgery, which ends problems such as infection, dryness and not being able to dress comfortably, is among the genital aesthetic surgeries frequently preferred by women.


Abundance in the vagina, advancing age, frequent and difficult delivery, incisions made during childbirth and weakness in the congenital connective tissue cause the complaint of vaginal enlargement.

Among genital plastic surgeries, vaginoplasty is often preferred to eliminate the problem of decreased sexual pleasure, which is related to the relaxation of the muscles in the vagina. In these surgeries, the abundant tissues are removed and the healthy tissues are brought closer together. Thus, the vagina is narrowed.


The clitoris, which provides sexual pleasure on the upper side of the small lips, is the area where the nerve points meet. If the inner lips of the vagina are large and drooping over the clitoris, it may interfere with sexual intercourse. In order to increase sexual pleasure much more, the tissues on the clitoris can be easily removed thanks to clitoris aesthetics.

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