What are gastritis and nutrition

Gastritis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It can be of two types. The first of these is acute onset, and the other is chronic, ongoing. Depending on today’s diet and food preferences, acute gastritis can be seen at any age. In the acute situation, some foods should be taken care of for a while, while in the chronic situation certain foods should be excluded from the diet for life.

Gastritis has variable causes: It can occur with consumption habits such as smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee, acidic beverages, heavy consumption of spices, especially bitter, as well as the use of some drugs, bacterial infections, food poisoning, some viral infections, and uncontrolled intense stress. can cause acute gastritis.

Symptoms are usually burning in the stomach, feeling of nausea, pain, fullness in the stomach.

Medical nutrition therapy in gastritis is of great importance.


Eat small, frequent meals (not leaving the stomach hungry for too long) and regularly,

He should not consume very hot and very cold foods and beverages and things that will stimulate the stomach, and if it is to be consumed, he should send something to the stomach beforehand,

It should be consumed slowly, by chewing well,

Do not eat foods that cause indigestion,

If there is no diabetes, you can start the day by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with warm water and drinking it.

Stay away from delicatessen products such as fried-roasted meat, heavily spiced meats, sausage and pastrami,

Whole wheat and brown bread should not be consumed during this process,

You should not consume foods such as dried legumes and bulgur during this process,

Ready soups should not consume soups made with broth,

They should not consume sour and rind fruits, they can also be consumed as compote by peeling their skins.

You should stay away from tahini, tahini halva, which is difficult to digest and contain high fat, anything containing cocoa that is high in fat and stimulates the stomach, and chocolate and chocolate cakes,

Consumption of dark tea, alcohol, coffee, fries, spices, ketchup, mustard, and nuts should be restricted as much as possible, if tea is to be consumed, it should be preferred, and should not exceed 2-3 glasses a day,

No acidic beverage should be consumed,

Smoking and alcohol should be avoided.

The aim of the treatment of gastritis is to support the repair and recovery of the stomach with a balanced diet and at the same time to remove the foods that will stimulate again from the diet. For this reason, remove foods that are not good for you, cause indigestion, and cause bloating, nausea, and abdominal pain from your diet. Every bite you take in your mouth is very important for your stomach to rest, repair and recover.

To sum up in general: Avoid foods that are too oily, too spicy, too heavy. During the disease period, take advantage of the fruits that are a source of vitamin C for immune support in your snacks.

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