What are flat feet?

flat feet(with the Latin name: pes Planus ); It means the deterioration, reduction or complete disappearance of the curved structure that should be present in the inner part of the foot under normal conditions. When a healthy foot touches the ground, the inner edge does not touch the ground; flat feet the inner edge touches the ground. Sometimes the heel may slip outward. flat feet, is a common problem. It can occur at birth, during development or in adulthood. It may occur due to reasons such as genetic predisposition; tibialis posterior It can also occur as a result of the muscle’s loss of function as a result of rupture of the muscle called rheumatic diseases, diabetes. Factors such as excessive weight and choosing the wrong shoes can also cause flat feet.

flat feet, may cause various complaints. Pain in the legs, knees and waist, difficulty in walking, inward pressing, standing deformity, tiring quickly, difficulty in doing sports your flat feet are some of the problems it brings. If you have noticed that you have one or more of these problems, it would be in your best interest to seek help from a specialist physician.

in children flat feet ; flexible and rigid flat feet can be viewed in two different ways. Flexible in flat feetWhen the child’s foot is on the ground, the curved structure in the foot disappears, while the curved structure is seen when the child’s foot does not touch the ground.

Hard in flat feet if; whether the foot is on the ground or not, the sole is flat. in children flat feet ; It can be largely treated with the use of insoles that support the inner arch of the foot. With this; Healing may occur spontaneously with advancing age. This situation is temporary flat feetis called.

flat feet, If it does not affect the daily life of the person, if the person does not experience problems such as difficulty in standing, severe pain, treatment is not necessary. In patients who get tired quickly and have pain complaints; Non-surgical treatment methods such as changing the choice of shoes, using insoles that support the inner arch of the foot, applying ice therapy, using painkillers or needles can be applied.

Hard flat feet if it is the case, the deformation is advanced or the patient cannot regain his/her health by non-surgical methods; surgical methods should be used. It is aimed to correct the bone alignment and deformity of the foot with the operations performed. After the surgery, plaster treatment and physical therapy can be applied. At the end of a 6-month period after the operation, it is possible for the patient to regain his full health.

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