What are access bars?

There are 32 points around your head and when these points are touched lightly, without any effort and easily; Did you know that you can undo anything that prevents you from receiving and accepting?

Our emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and decisions that we attach meaning to and attach importance to in our lives are stored in our brain and form an electrical charge. This electrical charge accumulates in 32 energy points (called bars) on our heads (such as time, hope, awareness, creativity, power, control, healing, aging, sexuality and money). The aim of the Bars study is to operate those points and release the magnetic field formed there. These points are activated by softly touching these points with the fingertips in the bar session. By releasing the energy accumulation at these points, the blockages in your body are resolved.

Access Bars®, to thousands of people all over the world to date; helped them change their lives in the direction they wanted in sleep, health, weight, money, sex, relationships, anxiety, stress and many more.

What Are Some Benefits of Running Bars?

* Eliminates tension in mind and body.
* It reduces the stress of daily life.
* Minimizes the sorrows of life.
* Reduces excessive anger and anger tendencies.
* It dissolves the blockages created in your body by emotions such as anger, fatigue, burnout.
* It helps you to be in a more balanced mood by calming emotional ups and downs.
* Reduces psychomatic disorders.
* Brings joy back into your life by eliminating depression.
* Provides the removal of your fears, phobias and worries.
* Reduces wear while increasing energy.
* Decreases the aging rate of the body.
* It uproots destructive thoughts.
* Silences the unnecessary thought dialogues that are constantly talking in your head.
* Creates feelings of peace, confidence and well-being.
* It makes you feel both relaxed and energetic.
* Provides easy, comfortable and calm delivery during pregnancy.
* It ensures that the problems and worries of children and young people are eliminated before the exam.
* It allows you to create an environment of wider acceptance in your mind for yourself and others. Thanks to this sense of acceptance, relations are improved.

* It removes the restrictions you put on yourself, thus allowing you to open up more possibilities in all areas of your life and attracting opportunities.
* It allows you to use more of the energy you currently use for yourself.
* It helps in overcoming situations that make learning difficult such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
* Increased focus, reasoning, problem solving, more enjoyment of life, easier execution, greater capacity and physical ability, increased awareness and spiritual growth.


The person to whom the bars are applied feels a great relief and relaxation. His brain waves slow down a bit, but he is aware of everything during the whole session. Everyone’s bar experience is different and no bar session is alike. Sometimes, the person experiences dissolution as the electrical charges go at the points, and depending on this, depending on the person, there may be twitching, flow, shivering, yawning, laughing, seeing different colors and shapes in the body, or none at all. Some may sleep due to the relaxing effect of the work, which is said by every bar area that 1 hour of sleep is much more restful than a night’s sleep.


Once the session is performed, the Bars start working and continue to release energy forever. With each subsequent session, the result emerges more dynamically. It can sometimes take up to 21 days for the real noticeable effects to appear.


Everyone, including babies, can benefit from these sessions, except those who are not willing to have this experience and are not interested in this subject.


It takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

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