Were there times when you could forgive everyone and not forgive yourself?

Our lives don’t always turn out the way we want. We make mistakes, we suffer. We ask ourselves, “You couldn’t do that, what is there to be afraid of?” We stick the arrows of criticism like. And we do this when we need the touch of a compassionate hand the most. So are we doing this willingly? From whom did we learn to blame and punish ourselves when something went wrong?

If a voice in your mind is constantly criticizing you, it means you haven’t met the concept of self-compassion yet.

Self-compassion; it means showing love and understanding to oneself, being a good friend with oneself. When his best friend is in pain, he can be there to console him and show him these skills. Especially in difficult situations, he can be compassionate towards himself when he is in pain.


It takes courage to accept the pain and learn to live with it and not be angry with yourself for that pain. Here, thanks to self-compassion, one becomes kind and brave to oneself. Self-compassion is recognizing that everyone suffers, going through bad times, going through unbearable situations and not blaming yourself for it. With self-compassion, we hold our own hand. In fact, one’s biggest supporter is himself. If you treat yourself the way you want to be treated in difficult times, and if you are sincere, warm, soft and understanding towards yourself, you will see that you can improve your life in a positive way. Not being stuck with wish’s and but’s will set you free. The priority of our mind is always the negative. However, being aware of this will lead you to the positive. So what skills will I develop in myself with self-compassion? If you are wondering the answer to the question:


Self-compassion, which positively affects both our mental and physical health, increases our motivation and improves our self-confidence.


Thanks to self-compassion, the communication you establish with the people around you becomes healthier and more understandable. Self-compassion will help you to express yourself better.


Self-compassion; reduces depression, anxiety and stress.


Self-compassionate individuals respect their bodies. In this way, they try to keep their bodies vigorous with healthy lifestyle choices.


So, “How can I improve my self-compassion skills?” if you say:


When you are faced with pain, “now is a difficult moment, how can I help myself?” You can begin to experience self-compassion by helping yourself by asking


Write down the moments when you were cruel to yourself and criticize yourself in a notebook. Examine why you are making these criticisms, and the feelings you felt when you experienced the same pain before.


If you have a perfectionist nature, remind yourself that “everyone makes mistakes”. You’re not the only one making these mistakes. Believe that doing your best is enough.


Treat yourself with the same attitude you sometimes approach a child. Be merciful and loving. Don’t forget that your moments of pain as well as the happy moments that make you who you are.


I wish you to take good care of your soul…


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