We’re getting divorced! How Should I Explain to My Child?

One of the biggest question marks in the minds of couples who want to divorce is whether their children will be affected by this situation. ‘I want a divorce, but should I stay married so that my children are not affected?’The question comes to mind with the thought of divorce.

First of all, it should be said that many situations in life can affect our children negatively, including divorce. At this point, the emotional state that a bad marriage will create in the child can be much more hurtful than a healthy and peaceful divorce.

If it has been decided to divorce, then it is necessary to look at how the process will be managed. First of all, try to understand your child and yourself. Understanding your child’s feelings and how he feels will guide you to find out how to approach. Encourage your children to express their feelings when talking to them. They may not know how to do this. At this point, you can share your feelings with your children as a role model. Be sure to remind yourself that change can be difficult, and there will be changes in all of your lives, but that you will always be by your side and supportive.

It is important to make honest statements so that their trust in you is not shaken. It will feel good to convey details such as who he will live with and what kind of change will happen in his life on the weekends.

During the divorce phase, parents may sometimes want to agitate the situation by putting their children in the foreground, but it is useful to remember how much this type of behavior can hurt your child. Encourage your children to love both parents because they will need it at this stage. Of course, it also needs to be reminded that even if both parents get divorced, their love for their children will not change.

The parents who cannot get custody after the divorce want to buy special gifts for the children, take them to special places and make them happy, and try to strengthen their love and bond between them, but this lifestyle makes the life of the child in need of order difficult.

The most important thing to do before and after divorce is to stay in touch. You should always stay in touch with your child. Sometimes children may think that their parents caused their divorce. It is important that you state that they are not an influencing factor in divorce and that it is not their fault. However, continuing their routine lives as much as possible is one of the measures that can be taken in order to be affected by this process at a minimum level.

Due to the tension caused by the divorce process and the unusual emotional state, families may not be able to fully implement these suggestions objectively. Please do not hesitate to get support from an expert in this process.

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