We’re all a little bit ok

Which of us is not afraid of making mistakes. Moreover, after what we went through in a family, school, environment and business life, where our mistakes were looked at more than what we did right. Or fear of hurting someone else. This thought does not cross our minds. The fear of being disgraced lies under the fact that many of us cannot show their full performance. And when there is no one to humiliate. Again, many of us like order and want to be perfect. Who avoids walking on the same road, sitting in the same place and chatting with the same friend every day. It is a good comfort to experience them. All these explosions we have experienced did not make us suspicious at the slightest sound. He did not wash his hands. We became afraid of shaking hands. Many of us turned off the stove and left the house, but returned to check the stove.

The average person has about 4000 different thoughts a day. And these thoughts appear suddenly, with little or no connection to the current task. If it is true that most people have unwanted compulsive thoughts, why do some people have problems with two or three different types of thoughts? live? The answer is in the reaction to that thought. So do you feel the need to engage with that thought or can you dismiss it as unimportant? Being too busy with that thought is assuming that it indicates a possible harm, threat or danger, and thus making the thought more meaningful.

So what can be good for you?

Individuals may sometimes have difficulty quitting the methods they have used before, even though they know that they will provide relief from OCD. Instead of hiding it, it will be good for you to tell at least one or two people about it. It will be good for you to do research on this issue. It will be good for you to accept that these thoughts are normal It will also put you at ease. You are not alone in this world, so you are not alone. Take a notebook and list all the worries and fears you have about overcoming OCD. Being aware of them will help you control them. When you deal with your OCD, your responsibilities will increase. So you can do the things you can’t do. This may tire you out, but it will also give you the strength to be confident, calm, strong and competent.

It is in your hands to look at what you have and how functional it is to quit OCD and be free like a bird, so the solution is in your hands.

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