Weight Tracking in Children

When tracking weight in children;

Our first goal is to maintain weight. As you know, children’s height continues to grow until the age of 13-18. If we can stop an overweight child from gaining weight for 1-2 years, at the end of this process, they will have a fit appearance as they grow in height. Our second goal is that we want them to lose 0.5 kg per week and at most 2 kg per month.

Calorie restriction should not be done while tracking weight in children. The nutrition program should be arranged by calculating the food groups that the child should take according to his age and school conditions.

We know that children, especially packaged products, very sugary drinks and foods, and fried products are consumed a lot, and they take calories much more than they should take daily. For this reason, only reducing the consumption of these harmful foods while tracking weight will help weight loss in children.

Recommendations for weight control in children

  1. Let’s reduce packaged foods (carbonated drinks, chips, chocolate…) as much as possible.

  2. Let’s consume freshly squeezed fruit juices or ayran instead of ready-made drinks.

  3. Let’s not add sugar to children’s drinks. If so, reduce the amount gradually.

  4. Let’s encourage our children to consume vegetables and salads

  5. Let’s take care to feed the children at home

  6. Let’s try to cook regularly at home so that we don’t have to feed our children unhealthy, very oily or even fried foods from the outside.

  7. Bake fries at home

  8. During the weight loss process of children, mothers, fathers and other siblings should be supportive. Food that is prohibited for the child should be prohibited for the whole family. Or the recommendations should apply to the whole family.

  9. Every day, basketball, football, swimming, regular walking or playing activities in the park should be done.

  10. 1-1.5 liters of water should be consumed per day

  11. Regular sleep is very important for children to lose weight and increase height.

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