we, the two of us; we are twins

Traditional psychology focuses on protecting and strengthening weak areas after an effort to understand the individual. This traditional approach makes itself felt in child psychology as well. While positive psychology, which has been developing rapidly in recent years, continues its effort to understand people with a complete unconditional acceptance, it aims to increase life satisfaction by prioritizing the skill in its agenda, not in a self-seeking tendency (don’t be!), and tries to keep the individual away from irrelevant and untalented areas in his contact with life. .

Seligman, one of the founders of Positive Psychology, deals with subjective well-being, that is, the components of our satisfaction, as the sum of good feelings, commitment to life, healthy relationships, the meaning of life and our achievements. More succinctly, positive psychology focuses on the strengths of the individual and asks what is going well in their lives.

Life is an ongoing activity, and having children is its main source. This resource sometimes says “hello” with pleasant surprises: twin boy ! In one of her vulnerable moments, a few words coming out of your doctor’s lips turn into an unexpected memory. “You will have twins…” At that moment, it remains an indescribable feeling. You are discovering a new feeling, Now tell yourself; What does being a parent of twins tell you?


About one out of every 85 births are twins, there are certainly more people who wonder about these births than what is known. While this article will get you there, we will try to inform you about the positive attitudes that twin parents should adopt, after all, kindness is contagious.

Positive psychology sets goals not on the helplessness we experience in life events that we are forced to, but on the efforts we will make to increase our success motive and increase our life satisfaction. Since being a twin parent is chaotic, maybe that’s what we’ve been taughtNow, we have an opportunity to look at it from the strong side.

1) Your Organizational Ability Will Be Strengthened

One of the most difficult issues for twin parents is to meet the basic needs of their children. Rely on your ability to organize and plan, it is your main resource in meeting all your needs. While your “positive manager” attitude will increase your parenting value, the healthy plans you create will make you know what to do in the face of new difficulties.

2) You Will Cultivate Two Values ​​at the Same Time

Same parent, same genes, same social environment; With the question of how they develop differently from each other, your belief in pedagogy will increase, and you will rediscover how important it is in the development of an individual’s wealth and creativity. You will see how you shape a personality like dough, and you will once again see how important the attitudes of the parents are in acquiring vital skills. Who can say that this situation will not contribute to your personal life?

3) More Compare-MA !

One of the most common methods we use in upbringing is to question your development with your peers, neither you nor your close circle need this anymore, because you have full belief that both are different individuals without making comparisons. Neither now nor in the future, you will not compare them with another unique structure, and you will focus on the personality development of the twins instead of “I wonder”.

4) Strong Game, Strong Child

Play is the breath of the child and we can buy them two pairs of toys we wish. The result: quiet games. Then, when we parents get down on our knees and don’t join them, we will be far from the delicious feeling that their breath warms our hearts. Of course we don’t want that. Seeing what the same toy means in different minds, watching the development of their emotional world moment by moment will add sincerity, warmth and unity to them. Being a family is a derived phrase for you!

5) Authenticity Will Bring True Justice

In this challenging test of your parenting skills, you’ll be the parent of “two winners”. Open your window, when the air of originality inside gives you the secret that each individual has a unique personality development as twins, You will not have to wear the same clothes, you will not have names with similar sounds, you will not have the same hobbies. As long as your window stays open, the success of one of the twins will require the discovery of his talent, rather than the other’s worthlessness.

6) Easier to Share

Non-profit sharing is only supported by the development of compassion. The feeling of compassion depends on how often the unity attitude is experienced. Feel it, while the individual development of single children can be supported in one way, the sharing tendencies of twins who have been together from the mother’s womb until today will of course be more intense. When your twins see that they are approached differently, your positive approach will appeal to their senses, increasing their sense of subjectivity rather than jealousy. The twins’ skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and empathetic attitude will be reflected in their lives as an attitude.

7) Two Children, Two teachers

School starts at home. Once you have passed the most critical period of 0-6 years, it is now easier to overcome other academic-oriented developmental problems. It is easier for our twins, whose originality we respect and whose individuality we respect, to separate from you in the process up to schooling. With multiple teachers in different classes, the school process at home is more exciting. Collaboration with teachers, who will discover new learning styles away from pattern learning skills, will shed light on our children’s multiple learning and mental development.

Unexpected events, our unpreparedness raise our defenses and reflect our uneasiness on our behavior. Being a parent means resolving conflict, raising a child without fear of conflicts and with a positive thought such as “Knowing gives strength to people” is the strongest hope we will leave for tomorrow. The way our hopes guide all our actions is the legacy we will leave for tomorrow. Claim your legacy!

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