Thanks to innovations in cancer treatment, the risk of side effects is much reduced compared to 10 years ago.

According to experts who stated; cancerous cells are now more accurate when performing radiotherapy

It is targeted, healthy tissues are more protected.

Medicana International Ankara Hospital Radiation Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Kaan Oysul:

Radiotherapy causes the tumor to shrink by applying X-rays on the tumor and/or the tumor

It allows the reduction of complaints such as pain due to compression. In fact, all radiation energy

We can kill tumors, as long as we can preserve the healthy tissues around the tumor. in recent years

Technological developments have brought us very close to this goal. Compared to 10 years ago, solid tissue is more

We protect a lot and we do more effective treatments.

After the sensitive controls of the treatment with the VERSA HD that we started to use, the irradiation only

It is completed within minutes, and the patient is offered a shorter and more effective treatment. Also high accuracy

It provides the opportunity for accurate treatment. Breast cancer thanks to the “breath-adjusted” radiotherapy feature

provides a significant advantage in treatment. Thus, in the treatment of breast cancer, lung, heart and contralateral

better protection of the breast and late side effects that may occur after 15-20 years due to radiation.

prevention is possible. Pre-treatment tomography thanks to the “6-dimensional table”, which is another feature

It provides the opportunity to correct the errors detected in the position of the patient controlled with 6 dimensions, and

It eliminates the risk of irradiation of wrong areas. In the “symmetry” feature, the patient is treated.

Even if the correct position is given beforehand, the target caused by the movement of the internal organs during the treatment

against the risk of being surprised; The ability to control the area to be treated and surrounding tissues is also possible.

possible. In this way, successful treatments in diseases such as lung cancers where movement is the most

we can apply.

Thanks to all these features, radiotherapy to the tumor is much higher and more accurate.

we can. As a result, they can apply more effective treatments with fewer side effects and death from cancer.

We are reducing rates day by day.

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