Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

Sweating is necessary for the body’s normal temperature regulation. more than necessary

Excessive sweating is called “hyperhidrosis”. Especially armpits in summer

Soaked clothing can be uncomfortable for many people. working people social

In cases where sweating is excessive, it can leave you in a very difficult situation in terms of

the person does not feel well due to bad smell.

People of all ages may be bothered by the problem of excessive sweating. But usually

Patients report that this distress occurs in adolescence. appeared in the late

More serious health problems may lie behind the excessive sweating.

Various metabolic diseases, drug side effects, heart diseases, diabetes,

hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism, neurological diseases among them


If it cannot be attributed to any disease, then it is excessive without a cause.

there is sweating. And when hot air and sweltering effects are added to it,

sweating increases. There are medical and surgical treatment options in the treatment. topical

creams and gels can be used. But they are difficult to use and very well patient.

requires compliance. It also has side effects such as irritation. systemically

On the other hand, the side effects of the drugs used are quite strong and may impair compliance with the treatment.

Botulinum Toxin, namely Botox, acts by restricting the work of sweat glands.

It is a method of treatment. It shows its effect for about 4-12 months.

It has almost no side effects. The application is very easy and short and

it is safe.

Botox can be applied to the armpits even on a lunch break when the person takes only 10 minutes.

It can stop excessive sweating. The application is not painful or painful.

How much dose to apply to the armpit depends on the dose of sweating.

determined by.

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