Ways to increase water drinking

Water, which makes up 70% of our body on average, is of great importance for human life. Humans can only survive for a few days without water. Water has many functions in our body, such as helping to digest the food we eat, improving skin health, ensuring the functioning of our organs, regulating our body temperature, increasing our working efficiency by focusing, improving our mental health by reducing depression and tension, and regulating our sleep. It also contributes to water weight loss. Thanks to the consumption of sufficient amount of water, our metabolism accelerates and a decrease in our food intake can be achieved as a result of the excess volume in our stomach.

Although the amount of water that should be taken daily in a healthy person varies from person to person, it corresponds to 8-10 glasses on average. This amount increases in the presence of exercise, pregnancy, diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sweating. In general, we can say that you should consume at least as much water as the energy you take during the day.

Despite all these benefits of water, we can easily forget to drink water due to our busy schedule during the day. We have a few practical suggestions for you to increase your water consumption!

‘Starting the day with 1 glass of water’, which has become a habit for BetDen Diet Clinic clients, may be the easiest and most basic start.

2. Keep 1 bottle of water in your home, at work, in your bag, in front of your eyes.

3. Prefer water bottles that appeal to your eyes and attract your attention.

4. Do not forget to drink water between meals.

5. For those who do not like the taste of water or want a different taste, it may be preferable to add nutrients such as lemon and cinnamon to the water.

6. Stick small notes reminding you to drink water on your computer, desk, agenda.

7.Download water reminder phone apps.

8. Complete your day with water by drinking a large glass of water at bedtime.

If you want to eat healthy by including enough water in your diet, you can call 0850 474 26 84 and make a free preliminary appointment.

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