Ways to End Monday Syndrome

Perception management in Monday syndrome…

Monday syndrome is the nightmare of many people, especially in school and business life. It is important to distinguish whether this is a situation that can be overcome with some coping methods or is it a situation that can negatively affect the functionality of the person’s life and requires serious intervention.

The person begins to feel the effects from Sunday. Sunday heralds the week that will just start, and some people perceive this as intense tempo, stress, traffic, and fatigue instead of good news. The end of the weekend can create tension in the person. As the reason for this feeling of tension, the meaning ascribed to Monday affects the person. Our negative thoughts are reflected in our emotions and behaviors.

Not everyone will experience Monday syndrome. When we look at people who have Monday syndrome, these people usually either do not like their profession, have a problem with the environment in which they work, or do not know themselves well enough. Knowing oneself and being aware of one’s own processes improves the ability to cope with situations. People who are able to focus on the moment, have good mechanisms to cope with stress, and know themselves well, do not experience Monday syndrome.

Another reason for experiencing Monday syndrome stems from the meaning that a person attributes to that day. Making change decisions about one’s life every Monday (such as starting a diet or sports) may pave the way for an increase in the level of stress related to that day.

In order to get rid of the Monday syndrome, it is important for the person to first gain awareness about this perception. To the person himself “How come I have such a syndrome? What could be the factors that make me feel this way? What do I need to change about my negative perception of that day?” It is important to ask questions such as: We cannot change the outcome of anything that we do not know the cause of. For this reason, it is important to first find the cause of the syndrome experienced.

After determining the negative factors for the syndrome, it is necessary to evaluate the positive factors.

In order to cope with the tension starting from Sunday, it is important to focus on the moment.

It will be useful to prioritize activities that give you pleasure on Sunday. At the same time, doing brisk walking, breathing and relaxation exercises for 20 minutes every day will positively affect your stress level in the long run. However, not paying attention to the circadian rhythm can trigger Monday syndrome. We try to make up for the weekend by being sleepless during the week. In this case, it disrupts the biological rhythm. More sleep makes us feel more tired at the beginning of the week, which affects our Monday more than any other day.

If the syndrome has been going on for a long time and has negatively affected your functionality in your life, I definitely recommend you to get expert support.

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