Ways to deal with sibling jealousy

Jealousy is a healthy and universal emotion inherent in human nature, and it often emerges in childhood with the birth of a sibling. Sibling jealousy manifests itself as a desire to dominate each other for the attention and love of their parents and their strife for it. Sibling jealousy is common even in the child who most wishes to have a sibling, and it results from the inability of the parents to share with another. Although this feeling seems to be directed towards the sibling, it actually reflects the anger and resentment felt towards the parents. Children feel unsupported and insecure when they have a new sibling. Thoughts such as “Will they love me as much as before”, “If they love him more than me”, the decrease in the time allocated to the child, the sharing of interest and attention form the basis of jealousy.

The attitude of parents is very important in dealing with sibling jealousy. Explain the baby’s arrival in plain and concrete language to the child and prepare him. Explaining what will happen when a sibling comes and what can be done for his sibling can reduce jealousy. It is important not to make any changes in your daily life after the birth of your sibling. It is beneficial to make the changes to be made before the birth of the sibling. Give her the opportunity to help her brother and tell her about her own infancy. Do not underestimate or overestimate the time and attention devoted to the child. Show that you accept the child’s feelings and express your own feelings and spend quality one-on-one time with the child. Talk about the advantages of being an older child, but don’t label “you’re grown up now, you’re a big brother/sister”. Do not make comparisons between siblings and do not take sides. Give the child time to accept his sibling.

Every child is unique and special. The important thing in parental attitudes is to make the child aware of his special place in the family.



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