Ways to Cope With Emotional Eating

“So how do I deal with Emotional Eating?”

I would like to answer this frequently asked question in the 4th and final stage of the emotional eating series.

As I always tell my clients, the most basic step is to ACCEPT and INTENT. Without ignoring the situation you are in, without ignoring it To acceptand try to change this unhealthy cycle that is bothering you to a healthy one in your life. to intendin a sense, making a decision is the most important step.

You can then continue by asking yourself the questions in the photo to discover the triggers. These questions are a very important step in developing awareness and coping with emotional eating behavior.

What is your favorite food? Sweet-salty-sour-hard-sugar-sweet-soft-crunchy… After catching this awareness, you can try to be more controlled while consuming those foods.

You can delay the emotional urge to eat as much as possible with other activities that give you pleasure.

All this works to delay the act of eating for the moment. However, it is not enough. Because changing habits can be difficult sometimes. For this, it is necessary to realize what the triggers are that push you to eating behavior. This awareness is not something that can happen quickly. Time is needed.

On the other hand, as long as the underlying causes of your triggers are not addressed, eating behavior to regulate emotions will continue in a vicious circle. The lost weight will be regained, and the healthy nutrition programs that started with big goals will end again with an eating attack. This is why so many diets fail.

To get rid of this vicious circle and for a permanent solution, getting support from an expert psychologist will help you identify and resolve emotional eating triggers.

Life is Beautiful Together..!

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