Ways to Avoid Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs as a result of clogged blood vessels that feed the heart, slowing blood flow and not getting enough oxygen to the heart muscle. There are some risk factors for its occurrence. The way to prevent heart attack is to eliminate these risk factors.

Take Precautions Against Heart Attack

Do regular sports… A healthy life can be achieved by doing regular sports. It is not necessary to deal with sports as a professional. It is also not important to concentrate on a sports field in particular. You can walk, run, swim. The important thing is to include sports in your life and practice it regularly.

Eat healthy… Consume heart-friendly, healthy and beneficial foods. Go for foods low in saturated fatty acids. Avoid solid fats, processed products like margarine, and animal fats. Consume meat without fat and without exaggeration. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

Quit smoking… Smoking also causes harmful effects on heart health and increases the risk of heart attack. Life expectancy is shortened by smoking. It causes many diseases from advancing age.

Lower blood pressure… High blood pressure is one of the important causes of heart diseases. It is characterized by the pressure of blood pressure on the intravascular walls. Therefore, lowering high blood pressure means reducing the risk of heart attack.

Lower cholesterol… When bad cholesterol accumulates in the veins, it causes atherosclerosis and therefore a heart attack. Lowering cholesterol is possible with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Get sugar under control… One of the diseases that increase the risk of heart attack is diabetes. Keeping sugar under control will reduce the risk of heart attack.

Avoid stress… Stress is among the reasons that trigger a heart attack. Situations such as living in big cities, business life and livelihood problems can reveal the stress factor. You can protect yourself from stress by taking time for yourself and going on nature holidays.

Sleep regularly… Regular sleep is very important for heart health. People who sleep 8 hours a day have a lower risk of developing heart disease, while insufficient sleep can negatively affect blood pressure.

Have your regular check-ups… In order to prevent heart attack, you should regularly consult a doctor and have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels measured. We recommend having a check-up once a year, especially after the age of 40.

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