Water and Life

Water, which is indispensable for life, has taken its place in many scientific studies and at the end of these studies; It has been presented to us as information on how it will benefit the body. The pH values ​​for the tested beverages and bottled waters were found to be predominantly acidic. The closer the calcium, magnesium and potassium content of the water is to the standards, the less acidic it is; that is, its pH is on the alkaline side. The pH value being between 7.5-8.5 (ie slightly alkaline) is the ideal pH range.

Despite WHO (World Health Organization) standards, waterborne diseases among humans are increasing rapidly. Prolonged exposure to contaminated water is known to have a major impact on public health. The effect of chemical pollution in drinking water on human; It is defined as “consumption of dirty drinking water can be a silent killer” because it takes the form of acute instead of chronic. The water quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization are for individual elements only, and because the synergistic effects of trace metals and anions are not taken into account, it is an important study to investigate the synergistic effects of trace metals and anions and their effects on humans. An animal experiment investigated the synergistic effects of heavy metals, aluminum, arsenic, fluoride and hardness in drinking water on kidney tissues of mice. As a result of the research, it is claimed that the trace metals found in the drinking water of the WHO are capable of causing serious kidney damage even at the maximum level recommended. Nitrates in drinking water may increase the risk of colon cancer due to endogenous conversion to carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. Epidemiological studies have proven that unhealthy drinking water has a high risk of colon rectal cancer. In addition, there are studies that drinking water contributes to gastrointestinal disease (GI).

Drinking water is outside the normal values; It also causes dental caries. Studies have also shown that toxic compounds in drinking water have a negative effect on Se (selenium) bioavailability. In other words, if our Se level is low and our drinking water is bad, our body immunity and body defense mechanism against cancer will be lower.

Ensuring adequate drinking water quality is crucial to the well-being of the public. Countries have developed a regulatory system to provide drinking water of adequate quality. However , our primary goal should be to be conscious about this issue and to make the right choices . Although it is very important to drink or not drink water; Let’s not forget that it is always more important that we drink the right water, in the right quantities.

Good health to all…

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