Warts are benign skin bumps that occur as a result of the placement of a virus on the upper layer of our skin.
The viruses that cause warts are HPV (human papillomavirus) virus. Warts anywhere on the body

can occur and are usually skin-colored, hard, and rough. On the other hand, dark colors (brown, gray-
black), flat and soft wart types are also available. For example, warts on the soles of the feet have a flat appearance.

and can be mixed with calluses. Such warts can be pushed inward and cause pain as they walk.

Wart treatment is not aimed directly at the HPV virus. Treatments only remove warts on the skin.
purposes. Burning wart drugs containing salicylic acid with electro cautery (electrocauterization),
methods such as freezing (cryotherapy) and laser therapy.

Some people may have warts on their body again after treatment. In some people, once the wart has come off
then the virus remains dormant and warts do not recur. In the treatment of warts, in addition to the removal of warts
It should also focus on strengthening the immune system.

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