• What is sound aesthetics?

Our voice is our most important instrument in our social communication. It is also one of the most important factors that play a role in determining our position in society. An individual’s voice is expected to be compatible with their gender, age and physical appearance. In this respect, existing sound problems can undoubtedly cause problems in the perception of the individual in the society. For example, A man with a thin voice or a woman with a deep voice may encounter wrong evaluations during communication in the society. For the treatment of such voice disorders, the whole of the procedures for the perception of thinness and thickness of the voice. sound aestheticsis named.

  • Who needs sound aesthetics?

Undoubtedly, having a beautiful voice is a feature that is desired by every human being. From this point of view, anyone can be a candidate for sound aesthetics. However, the patient group that is encountered more frequently consists of patients who have problems in their social communication, especially in terms of the perception of thinness and thickness in their voices. For example, it is a common situation for a woman with a deep voice to encounter the expression of a gentleman during a telephone conversation. Or, on the contrary, the perceptual problems experienced by a man with a thin voice during his speech can be distressing.

Especially if this person is in a managerial position in the business field, this can have serious consequences in terms of authority and position. Another group of patients who need voice aesthetics are those who had to use hormonal drug therapy, especially during childhood. Because the voices of these people are generally not compatible with their gender and physical appearance. For individuals who prefer gender reassignment, the expectation of an aesthetic change in the voice is inevitable. In summary, our voice needs to be compatible with our gender, age, physical appearance and social position. In this respect, interventions for voice aesthetics can be made for all patients who have problems.

  • How to make sound aesthetics?

It is possible to change our voice for the perception of thinness and thickness. In this respect, surgical interventions are quite satisfactory. The aim of these surgical interventions, which are done endoscopically through the mouth or through a small incision in the neck, is to change the frequency of our vocal cords by adjusting the length, mass and tension, just like the strings of an instrument. In this way, it is possible to thin, thicken and adjust the timbre of our voice. Sound therapy applications to be added to the treatment together with surgical procedures increase the success rate even more.

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