There are melanocyte cells in our skin that produce pigment and therefore give our skin its color.
Due to various reasons, pigment cannot be produced as a result of damage to these melanocytes. vitiligo
It is an autoimmune disease. In other words, the body destroys its own color cell by itself.

As a result of pigment deficiency, scattered and patchy white areas (spots) on the skin with clear borders
It is a white as distinct as milk. These spots vary in size; dots or 2-3 coins
may be large. The disease that occurs on the skin in this way is called vitiligo disease. Most in the body
affected areas are hands, arms, legs, face. It is also more common in the genital area.

Vitiligo is a genetic disease.
There are some factors that affect the emergence or exacerbation of the disease. sunburn,
Factors such as stress, some diseases and impact play an active role in this disease.

In the treatment of vitiligo disease, the patient should pay attention to the treatment applied by the doctor.
There are some situations.
Aim; to normalize the functioning of melanocyte cells. Some medicines and creams for this
is used. One of the most effective methods is local ultraviolet B (UVB) light therapy. This is light therapy
It is applied only to the areas with spots. Thus, it is possible to avoid the side effects of other parts of the body.
intended to be protected. A few sessions are not enough for this treatment. Disease in at least 10 sessions
response is received. After these sessions, the patient can lead a normal life. 2-3 sessions per week
is applied. Apart from this, cream treatment is applied. In recent years, many new treatment methods

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