Violence and its Causes

Violence; It is an individual or social problem that causes physical or mental harm to people and continues with the use of force and pressure. Violence is not just physical. It can be evaluated in two categories, verbal and behavioral. Shouting, pouting, humiliating, shouting or hitting is violent. Violence is harassment, intentional use of force, alienation, loneliness, intimidation, abuse, harassment, humiliation, persuasion the hard way. Violence is actually a cry for help. The desire to be noticed is the message that I am here. Violence is alienation from oneself, It is the powerhouse of the weak. Violence is a behavior that hurts both the individual and the society. Violence does not contain a solution, but an insolubility. with violence problem solving and reconciliation cannot be observed at the same time. Violence abuse brings about psychological damage and bodily harm.

Violence continues to exist in all areas of life. It will continue to exist as long as humanity exists.

Violence is not only against health workers! At home, at school, in the classroom, on the bus, in the cafe, in the hospital, on the road, in the store… In short, everywhere!… Each of us expects understanding and a smiling face from our surroundings; We cannot tolerate sullen and sullen or disinterested people. No one can tolerate feeling worthless. Where there is intolerance, anger flares up easily. In such a case, it is very likely that anger will lead to aggressive behavior or violence. It should not be forgotten that devaluing approaches will return as violence.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between anger, violence and aggression. Angerwhile a feeling violence It is a form of behavior. When anger is used positively, it is the emotion that makes people strong and keeps them alive. Violence is the most negative expression of anger. From anger to violence thoughts and feelings determine the reactions to the situation that causes anger. In the process from anger to violence, grudge, fear, anxiety, hatred, enmity etc. accompanied by emotions. Violence is one of the ways of expressing anger and violence outwardly.

Among the reasons for violence;lack of communication, loss of anger control, addictions, personality disorders, dependent personality disorder, psychological problems, mercilessness, personal differences, genetic and cultural differences, education level

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