Violence against women

Unfortunately, we witnessed a very sad event in the country recently. Again, male violence resulted in death, again, against a woman. A girl’s pleas remained in our minds. Again, the backlash was overwhelming. I’m not going to tell you about the psychological reasons for the event. I want to talk about two issues. The first of these; With what psychology can we watch or take images while such an event is taking place? Latter; How will the fact that the images taken will always remain on the internet will affect the psychology of a child who has witnessed such a traumatic situation for a lifetime?

We constantly see people watching a social event without intervening. We may be among those who do not intervene when we see these people. We can see the most frequent example of this in the traffic jam they create while watching the accident situation by slowing down the vehicles passing by in a traffic accident. So why do we prefer to watch rather than intervene and rush to help? As a result of a number of social experiments, this situation was investigated and a theory called “Bystander Effect” was put forward. According to this theory, the possibility of people to intervene in events is tied to two conditions. The first of these; As the number of people in that environment increases at the time of the event, the sense of responsibility decreases and people only watch the event with the thought that someone will intervene. As the number of witnesses to the event decreases, the sense of responsibility increases and the possibility of people to intervene in the situation increases. The more crowded the environment, the less the sense of responsibility will decrease, so people will be influenced by each other’s relaxed attitudes and watch the event without interfering. For example; if you’re in danger of drowning on a beach with only a few people, someone is more likely to save you than on a crowded beach. If there is someone else in the environment at the time of the incident, we perform the image-taking behavior in a more comfortable way, conscientiously. The second factor that is effective in making the decision to intervene in the events is the seriousness of the situation. Before we intervene in a situation, we try to understand the seriousness of the situation by watching it for a while. If the severity is high, our probability of intervention will increase. In the sad event that took place in the past days, people may have hesitated to intervene because they considered it only as a moment of quarrel while assessing the seriousness of the situation. At that moment, no one might have thought that someone would die. When you feel in danger, if there are few people in the environment and you can reflect the situation seriously, if you can shout “help me, they will kill me” instead of “please help”, your probability of getting help from the environment will increase.

Another situation that should be questioned in this devastating event is the availability of images on the internet that the child exposed to this event can easily access throughout his entire life. We were very sad, almost the whole country watched, we saw what we have become as humanity. Ok now please remove these images. Let’s remove it so that the little girl does not follow these images throughout her life. As mental health professionals, we must not allow these images to hinder our relief efforts, while trying to help that child. Imagine being reminded of the most painful event in your life for seven days and twenty-four hours. In such a situation, how can you go back to your life, how can you continue where you left off? People watched the images in different psychologies, and some of them still continue to watch and share them again and again. Some expressed themselves with sadness, some with empathy, some with anger, some with vomit of hatred. Such events also give us ideas about what kind of psychological structure we have as a society. When we look at the comments and shares, we see that a substantial number of people are spewing hatred and grudge at an incredible level. Our tolerance and reasoning ability is gradually decreasing. We no longer judge, we carry out extrajudicial executions. What is even worse is the fact that a pathetic mass supports what is going on. All these experiences and all this confusion of thoughts will remain in the minds of only one person for a lifetime; that little girl! Please be a little sensitive and do not let these images, comments and discussions carry over into the future. Let’s do it for that little girl, if not for ourselves.

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