Violence against women

Violence is a form of behavior involving the use of force or coercion and is a secondary
for the use of force. Violence, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, psychological violence or
It can also contain different forms such as physical violence, as only one of these
How many of them can be hosted simultaneously, short-term or long-term – uninterrupted
it could be. Violence mostly comes from people we know, but mostly from men.
applied to women. If domestic violence is one of the family members
physical or psychological integrity of the life of another member of the same family or
serious damage to personality or personality development that jeopardizes independence
act or omission. Domestic violence or violence against women is very common nowadays.
Although it is common, it is hidden, rejected by the woman,
trying to be changed and accused by others of not being a good wife
Fear of him, and therefore the fact that he deserves violence, is also widespread. Worldwide every 3
1 out of every woman experiences violence and 20-30% of women at some point in their lives
has been subjected to violence

Such as fear, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, irritability in people exposed to violence.
invariable situations, such as anger, guilt, shame, etc.
emotions are also present. Also, eating disorders and “trying to be a better wife”
behaviors, thoughts and behaviors that are frequently seen in women who are exposed to violence.
Perpetrators of violence are often exposed to violence in the past.
They are individuals and it is observed that they grow up in families where violence exists. alcohol or substance
use, violence in persons with personality disorders or psychiatric disorders
application was more frequent. Among the reasons for violence,
frustration, stress, lack of coping skills, and low self-esteem.
In our country, on the Protection of the Family No. 4320 adopted in 1998
The law requires the perpetrator of violence to be removed from home for up to 6 months,
It includes rules such as giving alimony as well as punishments such as not harassing.
In addition, solidarity for women exposed to violence, prevention and prevention purposes.
There are associations, foundations, non-governmental organizations and women’s shelters established.
Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights, Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation, AÇEV – Mother
Children’s Education Foundation, MAZLUMDER, December Association, Istanbul Bar Association Women’s Rights
Application Center, New Solutions Association, Foundation for the Evaluation of Women’s Labor
are a few of them.
Finally, in order to deal with domestic violence, victims must accept it.
with health personnel, associations, non-governmental organizations or authorized persons
should be contacted and a study should be started in this direction. It should not be forgotten that;
Violence is a crime and must be prevented and prevented.

Don’t play games with an unhealthy relationship and DO NOT SILENCE, SAY STOP…

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