Vestibular schwannoma(VS) [ acoustic neuroma], balance disordernun tumor It ranks first among the causes. It occurs in one out of 100,000 individuals each year. It originates from the cells that make up the sheath of the balance nerve in 95% and the auditory nerve in 5%. Rarely, this tumor can be seen in both ears together with other diseases. In attacks or with changes in position dizziness, imbalance, tinnitusand one-sided hearing loss is seen. Balance-related symptoms seen in the early period, central balancing( compensation ) may disappear later due to When the tumor grows too big, it can be caused by compression of the auditory and balance nerves. percent numbnessand facial muscle weakness( facial paralysis ) can be seen. Tumors that grow too large can put pressure on the brain stem and brain, causing severe symptoms and even death. Small tumors can be followed at regular intervals. Large tumors can be treated with surgery or radiotherapy.

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