Vestibular neuritis, inner earwelding imbalance It is the second most common disease. The cause of this disorder, which occurs as a result of infection of the balance nerve, is usually viruses is Rarely bacteria can also be created by For anatomical reasons (since it is located in a longer and narrower canal), it is often upper (superior) balance nerve is affected. On average, two-thirds of the patients had a history before the complaints. upper respiratory tract infectionthey talk about their existence. Momentin addition to the dizziness nauseaand vomitingSystemic symptoms such as dizzinessit can take days. Hearingusually not damaged at all. BalanceAlthough the problems with the dizzinessinsecurityimbalanceThe sensation can last for months. Discomfort can repeat often. It can be frequent, sometimes finding several attacks per year. While making the diagnosis, it is useful to perform the hearing and balance evaluation as well as the ENT examination of the patient. Treatment It is usually aimed at eliminating nausea and vomiting by suppressing the symptoms. In the first days when complaints are most intense vestibular System-suppressing drugs can be used with care. Long-term and high-dose use of such drugs may prolong the recovery. When the patient feels well, getting up early and starting daily activities in a controlled way accelerates the recovery.

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