Vehicle Sickness

What is Vehicle Sickness?
Some people feel nauseous or even vomit on airplanes, cars, and Ferris wheels. Many people are on the boat,
experience the same discomfort on board. Motion sickness often only manifests as a nuisance
and there is no significant disease under it; some passengers will find themselves unable to do anything in these situations.
It may feel as bad as it gets, and may even last for a few days after the trip.

What can you do ?
1. In the vehicle you are traveling in, try to see the direction your body and inner ear feel. In the car
sit in front and look ahead, onto the road; aboard the ship and look at the horizon; on the windowsill on the plane
Sit down and look outside. On an airplane, sit on the wing where the movement is relatively minimal.

2. If you have motion sickness, do not read while traveling and do not sit in the opposite direction of travel.

3. Do not look or talk to a passenger with motion sickness.

4. Just before or during travel, those that touch you, have a strong smell, spicy and oily
avoid food. Drinks such as “soda, soda, iced cola”, which are respected among the people, are beneficial.
It has not yet been proven by medical science.

5. Take the drugs for motion sickness recommended by your doctor before you start your journey.

Do not forget; Most cases of motion sickness are mild and responsive to treatment. But heavy and
of progressively worsening cases, specialist in this field, dealing with ear, nose, throat, balance and nervous system.
may need help from a physician.

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