Vaser (next generation liposuction)


If you have done everything you can for regional lubrication and deformities but have not achieved results until this period, here is the method for you: Vaser Liposelection

It is a method that heals faster after the intervention compared to other methods and has very few side effects such as pain, swelling and bruising. The ‘vaser liposelection’ method, which has been approved by the American pharmaceutical agency FDA, is now widely used in our country in removing fat that cannot be removed from the body with diet and sports. It’s called liposelection because it’s a machine that selects that particular fatty tissue. In liposuction, the supporting tissues are damaged while the fat is scraped off. This new method removes the damage. Since the damage is removed, this method collects the skin more, prevents sagging and the area where the fat is removed becomes more regular.


The difference of Vaser liposelection; It can be applied with local anesthesia in regional lubrication, the pain, swelling and bruising levels of the people are classic. liposuction It is less and faster in recovery than patients who have been treated. A single area, such as the hip, is anesthetized with local anesthesia. 2mm. A small probe is irradiated to the fatty tissue. The adipose tissue in this area is broken down and liquefied. In order not to tire the body, the liquid oil in this area should be 2 mm. I prefer it to be taken out with a 10-inch cannula, it also gives results quickly. The application takes 30-60 minutes and you go home after some rest. 1-3 days of rest is sufficient after the intervention. Two weeks of dressing or pressure on the area will be sufficient.


It is a method of thinning body parts by cleaning them from excess fat with a device that can break down fat with Vaser ultrasound.

This is a very special and set device. It melts fat in the body. In other words, it turns it into a liquid, so that the fat in this area is easily taken out without the need to scrape the fat in this area like old methods.

This system, which is a method that combines a patented technology and advanced surgical techniques in order to disperse and destroy the adipose tissue, is the apple of the eye of the whole world. With this method, unwanted fat is effectively removed from any part of the body that is desired to be tightened, such as arms, legs, neck, chest, knees, hips and back.

Using ultrasonic energy technology, Vaser breaks up the adipose tissue with sound waves, a corrugated shaft design and absorbs this tissue, which it breaks up with a special channel system. During this process, connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves are never damaged. Vaser liposelection, which is preferred by patients especially because it is not painful and does not cause bruising after the operation, creates miraculous results. Now, we can find the opportunity to work on much more delicate and thin areas such as the lower legs, face, under the chin, neck, back, arms and male breast tissue with the Liposelection method performed with vaser.

Thanks to the selectivity of the device, a very small part of the oil is left in the working area. Thus, there will be no gaps in the weights gained in the following periods.

Vaser gives you a shaped body even if you gain weight permanently.


It is extremely safe. It is an intervention that can be applied to every part of the body, even the face.

It is an advantage that it can be applied with local anesthesia.

Since it is worked with very thin cannulas, it does not require stitches, so there is no suture scar.

When working with sensitive cannulas that do not damage tissues and vessels, post-development recovery is fast and effortless.

It can also be applied to anyone who has completed puberty and is healthy.


Vaser Liposelection is not a weight loss method. Since regional excess fat is removed with this method, 1-1.5 kg can be removed with local anesthesia, this creates a difference of 4-7 kg in the image. The corrective effect of every gram lost in the target areas is immediately noticeable. In general anesthesia, the amount to be taken and the number of regions can be easily increased.

The number of fat cells in the body is certain. The fattening event occurs not by the increase in the number of these cells, but by the expansion in volume. Therefore, after removing fat from this area, lubrication never occurs in the same area at the same rate. There is no problem of not being able to enter and scrape some areas, so that irregularities are not encountered.


The area and amount of fat to be taken are determined. After a liquid containing local anesthetic is injected for easy removal of the fats, the liquefied fats with ultrasound are drawn with thin cannulas. Since local anesthesia is applied, the patient who is awake is moved during the application and the oil pulling process is performed in a controlled manner. There is no pain during the procedure, it feels like a light touch. The application takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the area.

Due to the busy working life, people prefer to get rid of their excess gradually with local anesthesia by coming once a week in recent years. Thus, they do not have to take a break from their work and social life.


Sports and massage can be started after 5-7 days. It is possible to accelerate the recovery period with the right massage. More professional assistance in large areas; LPG application is recommended. Bruising and swelling will be minimal. The person who has the procedure sees a measurable improvement each week. It is one of the interventions with the highest patient satisfaction rate.


The breast, waist and abdomen are the places where the most accumulation is found in men. It is highly preferred because of the ease of the procedure and its superiority over other methods in the breast area. Vaser has reduced the wide incision method from the nipple in the treatment of male breast enlargement, known as gynecomastia.

With the Vaser Hi Def method, a six pack appearance can be achieved in a short time by making the muscles more prominent.

May all the beauties be with you..

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