Varicose vein treatment with laser

4mm with laser. Vein enlargement, congenital wine stains, varicose veins on the face and legs are treated within 1-2 sessions. The ND YAG LASER system is accepted as the most effective laser in the world for the destruction of superficial veins. Veins up to 4mm are destroyed in 1-4 sessions. Capillaries on the face are also very successful in the thicker blue or red veins on the legs. Varicose vein treatment is performed by an aesthetic plastic surgery specialist.

Vascular enlargement and varicose veins treatment with ND YG LASER

Vascular enlargement on the body surface, especially in the legs, and the onset of varicose veins bother many people. Weakness of the vascular wall and valve problems in the leg initiate these disorders and cause blood circulation problems, increased pressure and increased vascular structure disorder.

Varicose vein surgeries are performed for severely enlarged vascular disorders and the vein that has lost its function is removed. However, smaller and thinner vein enlargements on the surface and even the networks formed by these vessels are not beneficial by the surgical method.

Laser application has become the most important treatment method in the destruction of these vessels. The endothelial layer on the inner surface of the vessel wall is destroyed by creating a heat rising up to 70 degrees in the vessel with laser application. The inner surface of the damaged vessel sticks together and the vessel closes and disappears.

The success of this process depends on the type of Laser used, the width of the vein, the technology used and the experience of the practitioner. Depending on these factors, the vein usually disappears in 1-4 sessions.


Many types of lasers are used in the market for vascular treatment. However, the primary use of most of these lasers is not vascular treatment. Very common epilation lasers, laser used for staining and intense beam pulse devices are used for vascular treatment. For this reason, treatment failures, prolongation of the treatment and skin damage are common due to the lack of vascular selectivity of these rays.

The Nd Yag Laser beam is highly absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood, especially in the blood, and the main effect is in the vein. For this reason, the success of Nd Yag Lasers in vascular treatment has been accepted in the world.


In the super Nd Yag Laser device used in our clinic, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm wide heads can be selected in accordance with the thickness of the veins, and the surrounding tissues do not receive unnecessary radiation while the vein is destroyed. While 150-200 joules/cm2 energy is used for vascular treatment in general, the device’s 450 joules/cm2 power increases the application rate and provides full dose output in each beat. For this reason, a specialist doctor performs vascular treatments for the good use of technology.


The comfort of the patient is as important as the success in the application. Advanced technology and experienced practitioners are required so that the application ends quickly, the patient does not feel much pain, and the surrounding tissues are not damaged as much as possible. A cooling system that can be adjusted up to -5 degrees is used to reduce the patient’s pain and protect the skin. In this way, while the skin surface is cooled, effective application takes place in the vein in the skin.

Only an experienced specialist should use this high technology, because according to the structure of each vein, a different dose setting and use of a different cap is required.

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