Varicocele !

Varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the veins of the testis. Sometimes it can be observed in such advanced degrees that it can cause deformity and pain in the testis, and sometimes it can only be detected during a very careful examination. While the diagnosis of varicocele is mostly made by examination, which is the most reliable method, doppler ultrasonography also helps in some patients. More than one-third of men surveyed because they cannot have children have varicocele as the cause. The relationship of varicocele with impaired testicular function affects fertility potential.

Especially, decrease in sperm count and deterioration in sperm motility are the most common findings in semen examination. Only 20% of men with varicocele seek treatment for infertility. In many clinical studies, it has been shown that infertile men undergoing varicocele treatment (varicocelectomy) have a significant improvement in semen values ​​compared to untreated men. In the investigation of couples who apply for infertility, while no significant disease is found in the woman, varicocele is detected in the man and if the semen analysis (spermiogram) is found to be defective, varicocele surgery is recommended. While varicocele is mostly observed on the left side, it is bilateral in some patients. If varicocele is detected only on the right side, the presence of another disease should be investigated by abdominal ultrasonography. When we look at the treatment options, we see the traditional inguinal or high retroperitoneal approach and subinguinal microsurgical varicocelectomy. We know that varicocele surgery performed using both microscope and optical loop is more successful in terms of both the results and the undesirable complications (hydrocele, recurrent varicocele, testicular atrophy) that may be seen after the operation. With the day surgery, the patient can return home on the same day and return to work in a short time. Microscopic varicocelectomy also gives successful results in pediatric patients.

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