Values ​​that exist in your brain and that you ruthlessly destroy

Our brain is like a slapped walnut, has two parts, curved, shelled, weighs 1-2 kg (even if you are a genius like Einstein, it will never be 4-5 kg). It is an incredible mechanism that can carry out information communication thousands of times greater than the most powerful computer ever produced by human beings, through cells called NEURON, which reach trillions.

It should also be noted that; unfortunately, it smells like a sock that has been worn for 4-5 days. So I wouldn’t recommend cooking it like in the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’. There is already a mistake in the movie; If you cut 2-3 slices from one part of the brain, the results will be disastrous. Yes, you don’t suffer because the brain has no response to pain. But you can’t laugh when you see your brain with your eyes open being eaten by a cannibal as in the movie. Because whatever motor or cognitive activity the cut area is related to, that activity suddenly freezes. For example, if the speech area is cut off, you can no longer speak.

Do certain regions really have such an impact on certain activities in this way? Is it possible for me to prove this claim even with this article? With a distance of thousands of kilometers and a difference of thousands of hours? Yes, and I can do it through science, not magic.

I ask you to obey my command;

“All of you wiggle your left big toe!”

What happened, did it? Yes, I think it did…

It happened because your command, which received my order from afar, transmitted it as a new order to the cells in your left big toe via the cerebrospinal canal.

So how did he do it, in what way, a piece of meat of such a tiny diameter and weight?

Neurons work in an electro-chemical way (with electrical and chemical conduction). This is how information is transmitted. However, there is a serious problem in front of the transmission of electrical current in our body; More than 90% of our body is made up of water (as blood etc.)…

What happens when electricity enters the water? What happens when a hair dryer enters while washing in the tub; you will be hit!

Therefore, the electric current changes shape and turns into chemicals. Neurottansmitter (neurotransmitters; 29 carriers, such as dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, and so on)

They jump from the cell, swim, reach from the other cell, take off the special suit worn by the swimmers in the submarine, the oxygen tube, the clothes that protect it in the liquid, such as the fins, turn it into an electric current again and transmit the information in its hand to this new cell.

(Let’s add as a short note; it is an incredibly incomprehensible way for pharmaceutical companies to immediately cling to drugs with many neuronal disorders. As we have just said, the accumulation of knowledge within the neuron is primarily electrical. In other words, if the light of the house is flashing, it will continue to flash. On the other hand, the body’s protection system will perceive that: “There is a problem, and our boss (body, brain, that is, you!) supports us, in fact, the carriers that we produce under normal conditions are sent to us. So, “Siesta, vacation, go to bed, hit it, blow it, play it!”

Now let’s look at other features that exist in our brains;

The frontal region of the brain (4 fingers above our eyes) is the most evolutionarily developed frontal region. It regulates activities such as attention, self-control, decision making.

The TEMPORAL region, which extends like an arc between the two ears (or like a Walkman headset), functions such as reading, writing, emotional memory,

The fold that appears on the nape after a certain age in men, the PARIATAL region, which is similar to the reverse path in the katmer, in activities such as space/time, direction finding,

The OXIPITAL region just below it is related to functions related to vision.

With our knowledge of more than 200 years, we have learned what many regions of the brain manage. For example, FP1-FP2 attention, self-control, impulse control, T3: writing, T5: reading, T6: math, O1-O2 seeing…

In other words, if a person has a problem in the T6 region, he cannot learn mathematics even if you hire the best math teacher for that person.

There can be many reasons for problems in these areas. Genetic structure, high levels of cortisol in the mother, not being able to breastfeed, traffic accidents, falls and exposure to high fever as a child, meningitis, encephalitis, heavy metals, and most importantly, alcohol/drug addiction of the mother/father or the person himself…

Its activities in these areas are regulated by the electrical currents produced by the brain’s own electric dynamo (the TALAMUS, which is close to the periatal region, the size of a lentil, but still produces electricity.

Gamma over 30 Hz

Beta 15-30Hz

Theta 12-15Hz

Alpha 4-12Hz

Delta 0.1-4 Hz

We still don’t know exactly what Gamma produces. However, it is claimed that the Indian Gurus and Turkish Dervishes even stopped their hearts and made it work again through control.

Beta analytical thinking is effective in decision making. If it is at a low level (SMR: Sensory Motor Rhythm), it causes ADHD: Attention Deficit-hyperactivity.

Theta is more about daydreaming, fantasy, high in artists. If it is low, it leads to restlessness, obsession and the like.

Alpha is the healthiest wave that regulates the control mechanism of the brain, which should be common in every normal person from the age of 13.

Delta, on the other hand, is a wave, the heavy brother of the neighborhood, the mafia boss, which creates daydreams, carelessness, looking but not seeing, hearing but not hearing, if it is produced during the day, although it is obligatory to produce at night. If its production is high, it puts pressure on all other wavelengths.

Now let’s take a look at our body’s defense system.

Our body is conditioned to perceive everything coming from the outside world as a stranger, an enemy, or aggressor that has evolved to enter into it. This; whether it’s a knife, a bullet, a bacterium/virus or a bad word from our lover.

This defense is made by immune cells called ANTICORD, the attackers are called ANTIBOD. The relationship between Antibody and Antigen is similar to the lock/key relationship. In other words, Antikor inserts the protrusions that fit perfectly into the recesses in the lock and opens it with a click, enters and destroys it; it robs the house!

This is how drugs actually work. Drugs are actually attenuated antigens. The antibody clashes with the weak antigen, just like a boxer works with his weak masseur before the main match, when he sees it beat him, his morale rises, and he attacks his main opponent heroically. NO PAIN RAKİ!

By the way, let me add 2 notes;

The rate of absorption and effect of the drug in metabolism is as follows;

As you can see, it is like a camel’s back;

It is written in the drug package inserts. “It is released in the body for 4 hours“ etc. The drug taken reaches the peak point after 4 hours, spreads, takes effect and is excreted from the body with urine, stool and sweat. Why do psychiatrists who give RITALIN (CHILD COCAINE) for ADHD to little 4-year-olds ignore this? The drug taken at 9 am is eliminated from the body 4 hours later at 13.00. However, if the problem is not over, this is what happens: Bactrian camel; so either increase the dose of ritalin or add concerta to ritaline.

If the antigen that attacks the body is ORGANIC (manufactured by nature), the task of the antibody is easy. However, substances such as methylamphetamine, crystal, bonsai, jamaica, ectacy, cocaine, heroin are in INORGANIC (human production) structure.

Therefore, it is impossible for the antibody to be recognized, that is, to establish a lock x key relationship. The inorganic antigen is similar to the creature in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2; constantly changing shape, as the creature’s arm turns into a knife for a moment; The antibody cannot attach to it, so it cannot destroy it.

When such a substance is used, the Antibody shield collapses, the antigen crosses the brain/spinal cord barrier and enters the brain. It primarily affects the cerebral cortex, then;

ATTACK one of the regions we just described above;

The so-called FPZ and OZ in substance addicts;

To the “self-control, control, delaying your impulses, learning from your mistakes” zone!

These substances do the worst possible job out there. They trigger delta waves. It becomes incredibly difficult to remove these substances from there.

The result is; Losing your job, family, family, environment, encountering the justice mechanism, and heroin in substances such as GOLDEN SHOT, DEATH!

This means: an attempt to be cool with jargon among young people, to get high;

It results in losing the head, brain, honor, honor, morality, spouse, child, family, community solidarity and all existing values.

A young man comes to the Chinese scholar Lao TZU.

He says, “My teacher, I want to learn the secret of happiness”.

Lao Tzu;

“I won’t give it away for free, take that spoon in your hand, pour some oil into it, come back to examine all the beautiful works in my palace without spilling any, I’ll tell you the secret then. “

The child visits the palace.

When the master said, “I saw excellent works, my teacher”;

“But you spilled the oil,” he says. .. The child cries and whines and asks for another chance. The master says okay. This time, the child travels carefully so as not to spill the oil, and comes back. The master asks, “Have you seen the statue at the entrance of my room? “The child is ashamed;

My master says, “I didn’t look, I couldn’t see, so as not to spill the oil.” The master laughs and speaks:

Of course, you will struggle, struggle and have fun in order to gain the beauties of life, entertainment, a good life, money, wealth and happiness, but you will never lose your own values ​​while doing this!

This is the secret of happiness!

I wish my young drug addicted brothers to have their BRAINS and VALUES and never lose them…


Cerebral cortex: It is the structure in our brain whose task is thinking, voluntary movement, language, inference and perception. Each of the brain hemispheres controls the opposite side of the body. The left half of the brain has motor areas such as control of the right hand, spoken and written language, scientific and numerical ability, thinking, logic and analysis.

In the right half, there are motor areas with features such as left hand control, vision and imagination, musical and artistic ability, reflection of faces and three-dimensional shapes, and completion of perception.

neurophysis. Duru Hakan Karabacak


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