Vaginoplasty (vagina tightening and recovery)


Vaginal plastic surgery is no longer a taboo. The number of applicants in this regard is increasing day by day. Symmetry and deformities of the vaginal lips, postpartum and aging sagging can be improved with invisible, scarless, comfortable and short recovery time surgery (vaginoplasty), RF (Radio Frequency) and laser techniques.

Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening and recovery): Structural deformities in the genital area are corrected with the help of this method, at the same time the muscles of the vagina are tightened and the vaginal passage (width) is narrowed. Reduced sexual sensitivity (excitability) due to relaxation is regained.

Labiaplasty (reduction of the inner lips): The sagging, asymmetry or deformity of the inner lips of the vagina can be reduced or a tighter vaginal structure is provided by reshaping the inner walls and tissues of the vagina with micro fat injections. It is also prevented that excessively drooping lips cause pain and discomfort by entering the vagina during intercourse.

Birthmark: With vaginoplasty, the suture scar left by the episiotomy opened during delivery can be removed. The scar tissue that develops here and prevents sexual satisfaction of both women and men can be easily corrected. The treatment has a fast recovery time.

Filling: Depending on aging, adipose tissue may decrease in the external genital area. In particular, thinning can be seen in the mound and labium (vaginal lips) in the hairy area just below the groin called mons pubis. Sufficient amount of adipose tissue taken from different parts of the body by a liposuction-like procedure is transferred to these areas, resulting in a fresh, youthful and lively appearance.

Thinning:The excess fat collected in the external genital area is melted and removed by the liposculpture method, and deformities are eliminated.

Lockoris: Its place in female orgasm is very important. It is important to have the necessary sensitivity for sexual happiness. If there is a thick skin cover on the clincheris, if there is an anomaly, plastic surgery will help. In addition, it is also provided to support the orgasm facilitating G-spot.

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