Vaginismus, treatment formula

In vaginismus, Dr. Ulusoy Technique
In Vaginismus Treatment, Dr. Ulusoy Technique helps to solve the problem step by step in an average of one and a half to three days.
Cognitive, behavioral and vaginismus-specific hypnotherapy techniques are used.
Our average duration of treatment is one and a half days. If we encounter a problem related to personality structures, it may take up to three days.
If we rarely encounter more serious problems related to personality structure and time is not enough, our therapy support continues with behavioral treatment on the net.
Our vaginismus treatment price is the package price and the treatment includes work until the result is reached.
In our treatment;
Dr. We use a technique that is suitable for the cultural structure of Turkish women, which we call the Ulusoy Technique.
1- Listening and formulating your problem
2- Modeling
3- Education
4- Special Dr. Vaginismus Treatment. “Dr. Ulusoy Hypnosis Induction and Therapy Model” developed by Ulusoy (This is the highest contribution to success)
5- It includes using the behavioral approach as feedback.
It is an integrated and holistic approach. It is the kneading of years of experience and presenting it to you as a success.
In strong body contractions due to existential structures, especially in the first experience, if half of the penis enters and the remaining half is partially prevented from entering, despite the therapy; Dr. of your nationdeveloped to solve such cases. Hypnotic Muscle Stretching – Relaxation Study and Vaginal feedback study2012has.
What Causes Your Vaginusmus?
People encounter problems for different reasons. If we call your inability to have sexual intercourse under one roof as vaginismus, even if it is wrong in general, in fact, the automatic subconscious movements that you do unintentionally, mostly caused by fears and anxieties, the contraction of your legs, pushing your partner with your hands, can be alone or together with the contraction of the vaginal muscles. Your subconscious and body are affected by four different models;
1- Behavioral Model There is a past abuse or bad sexual experience. Or, you may have seen a couple who had sexual intercourse at a young age and evaluated the experience of the woman as painful and painful, and unconsciously internalized the behavior. Another reason is the forbidden relationship within the family. ( Incest )
2- Cognitive ModelIn the past, the prohibitions that your family and environment have set on you about sexuality, or the first night experiences that your friends tell like Fredyi’s nightmares… Even though you have not had a bad experience, they almost create negative schemas about sexuality in your subconscious and these schemas become active in the sexual intercourse you will experience and cause your contractions to become unconscious without you wanting them. It creates a reflex arc… Your body is no longer under your control… An incorrectly programmed autopilot is directing you…
3- Dynamic Model It is a Freudian approach. It is caused by problems in the stages of spiritual development. It also includes the protective structure.
4- Existential Model In the past, you have neither harassment nor a negative schema as an upbringing. You may not have a problem as a dynamic structure. But if you still can’t have sexual intercourse, the existential model comes into play. When we examine these couples, the man does not show enough attention to the woman. By saying one, two, three, the woman initiates an unconscious automatic movement that can express herself to her partner. During sexual life, the legs contract, she pushes her husband with her hand, she runs away from the bed and even cries… She makes her partner feel her presence without realizing it.
From these 4 main reasons, your problem may be directly related to one, or it may be with the participation of all or some of them. Here, under hypnosis, we get down to the basics of your problem that you know or do not know, determine which model or models it fits, and offer an approach accordingly. If the problem is especially related to the existential model, we teach new approaches that can make the woman’s presence felt by her husband, and we train the man to give attention and support to the woman. For example; There is an existential model at the source of vaginismus, and if we ignore it and try to solve it with behavioral or cognitive methods, maybe a relationship can be experienced. However, the other side of the coin comes into play and we take away the self-creation behavior of the woman unconsciously and reflexively. How the child’s cotton candy is taken away from him will be distressed. The same mechanism starts to work in the woman you think you have healed, and in the following period of time, anxiety, anxiety and distress (anxiety) for which the woman cannot fully know the cause. In the following period, it extends to not being able to enjoy the relationship he has lived, to not reaching orgasm…
Hypnotherapy provides a serious success in vaginismus compared to other types of therapy, with its conveniences such as rapid detection of the model or models by providing more comfortable analysis, increased suggestibility, and rapid mental intervention to the detected cause…
Although it is stated that this situation, which is evaluated as the contraction of the vaginal muscles and not allowing intercourse, is seen at 1%, it can increase up to 40% with fears and events pushed into the subconscious mind. Of course, it would be wrong to interpret these high rates as a real vaginismus. Because fear and events pushed into the subconscious cause the legs to contract and the fear of pain and suffering to emerge. It is the main problem of women in our country more than is thought.
1- 5% real vaginismus, contraction of the vagina muscles
2- Fears and beliefs about pain and suffering
3- Low pain threshold
4- A past sexual trauma
5- The psychosomatic effect of an unknown thought or behavior pushed into the subconscious
6- Vaginismus that develops in response to the woman being seen as a commodity and perceived as a sexual object
7- Avoidance of men in an unsuitable union and vaginismus due to this
8- Those due to painful or abusive approaches experienced by the woman on the first night or before marriage
9- Beliefs that sexuality and togetherness are dirty, disgusting or ugly,
10- Exaggerated first night stories that the lady heard from her friends,
11- Using rectal suppositories in childhood,
12- A blow or trauma to the genital area in the past
13- Growing up in strict sexual prohibitions and taboos,
14- False beliefs,
15- Belief in sex, too many children to be taken care of, can also lead to vaginismus.
It is possible to multiply the examples, when we evaluate these examples, we cannot pass without remembering the statement that there is no disease, there is a patient. First, the client’s story is listened to. What they give us at the level of consciousness is evaluated. It is tried to understand what he encounters in his relationship experiences.
The client is informed about Hypnosis. Consent is taken and a pre-session consisting of induction is organized. The aim here is to measure the trance depth of the client and to investigate his response to the suggestions. The individual who successfully passes the preliminary session is taken to a 4-session therapy with one-week intervals.
It is recommended that they try to have intercourse between sessions. The problems he encounters are re-evaluated in the next session, and suggestions for those problems are emphasized.
In Vaginismus Treatment Hypnotherapy by Dr. We apply Ulusoy HIT (direct, indirect suggestions, symptom suppression, symptom displacement imagery, hypnodrama, hypnoanalysis and Ericksonian methods and transpersonal approach) and individualized integrative psychotherapy (behavioral – cognitive – dynamic – existentialism).
If it is a true vaginismus – due to muscle contraction – muscle contraction is removed using relaxation techniques and symptom displacement technique.
If there is fear and pain or another event in the past, hypnoanalysis, that is, age regression, focuses on that event and the distressed moment is neutralized.
Vaginismus can be seen in every woman of fertile age. It can occur during the first experience, or after a trauma or serious arguments and fights with the spouse, with a low probability.
By entering into an empathetic dialogue with our clients, we present an approach by evaluating their problems as if they were our own. Because the problem remains a taboo and an undisclosed secret by the spouses, they show the same distress in front of the physician. A full harmony is achieved with the dialogue provided after the first session. In the hypnosis session, the wife of the woman can easily monitor her husband with the closed circuit camera system we have installed. This creates a separate element of trust.
After the sessions, their experiences and problems are listened to and new approaches are presented via phone and e-mail. In this way, they find real support for their problems that they have been alone for years. Together with confidence, they approach the solution of the problem step by step.
Classification of Vaginismus Patients ( Dr. Ulusoy -2008 )
1- Those who cannot touch the big and small lips and between them (external genitalia)
2- Those who can touch the external genitalia and cannot touch the inside of the vagina
3- Those who touch the external genitalia and the inside of the vagina and direct the finger, but cannot experience the penis
4- Those who are in one of the first 3 groups above and do not have contractions but cannot get the penis in.
5- Those who are in one of the first 3 groups above and have gradual contractions from mild to severe and cannot get the penis in.
As you can see, when we say vaginismus, different categories emerge. Into the different categories;
1- Women’s own personality patterns (e.g. panic attack, obsessive-obsessive disorder- and perfectionist structure, phobic and afraid of everything, etc.)
2- Lack of sexual education and knowledge
3- Cognitive, behavioral, dynamic and existential factors affect women at different rates.
Vaginismus disease takes shape like an ivy. Therefore, the treatment of vaginismus should be planned considering all these details.
A (ab) + B (cdef) + C (ghıj) = Solving the Problem, Experiencing the Relationship
Main Factors
A: Dr. Ulusoy HIT (Hypnosis Induction Technique) and VTT (Cognitive, Behavioral, Dynamic, Existential Formulation and Therapy Approach)
B:Feedback-Based Triple Vaginal Study and/or Operation, Education
A:Spousal Factors
a:Unsuccessful Hypnosis Treatment in the Past
b:Personality Disorders
c:Hand Baby Rose Baby Effect ( Definition of Dr. Ulusoy )
D:Urinary Continence Problem (Dr. Ulusoy Definition)
to:Anatomical Problem of Vagina and Hymen
f:Fear of Examination and Lack of Examination, Refusal of Treatment
g:Erection Problem – The Effect of Tahtravalli ( Definition of Dr. Ulusoy )
h: Sexual Trauma caused by the spouse knowingly / unknowingly; man’s sudden distrustful movements
I:One or both spouses dislike each other, Sensual Incompatibility or Sexual Aversion Disorder
j:Sexual Coldness ( Frigidity )

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