Vaginismus and sexual myths

As a result of the lack of education about sexuality in our country and the fact that young girls hear about sexuality by ear, incomplete and misinformed. vaginismusand many sexual dysfunctions.

These false beliefs about sexuality, hymen, vagina and first sexual intercourse in the subconscious and which form the basis of vaginismus ( sexual myths) can be listed as follows.

‘The first night will hurt a lot, I will suffer a lot’

‘My vagina and hymen are much narrower than everyone else’s, it is impossible for your penis to enter my vagina’

‘My hymen will burst on the first night, I will bleed heavily and I will pass out’

‘I feel like my penis is going to hit a wall’

‘The penis will shatter my vagina’

‘The first night, the penis will hurt so much in my vagina, as if hammering a nail into the wall’

‘Somehow, even if the penis goes in, it will not be able to get out, it will remain locked’

‘The penis will hurt me, I will bleed a lot the first night and we will have to go to the hospital’

‘I will hurt so much the first night that I won’t be able to sit in a chair the next day’

‘Sex is something only men enjoy, women don’t enjoy sex they just make it seem like a duty’

In order to eliminate many exaggerated and wrong sexual beliefs and to create a healthier sexual life in our country, sex educationdissemination is very important.

Gynecologist Sex Therapist

Kiss. Dr. Ebru Zulfikaroglu

EVA Women’s Health- Ankara

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