Vaginismus and pregnancy


Although it is extremely rare, it is possible for patients with vaginismus to become pregnant without sexual intercourse. Sperm ejected as a result of ejaculation in the external genitalia of spouses with vaginismus can move. It can reach the vagina first, then the uterus and then the tubes through the vagina, and fertilize an egg that has been laid by ovulation, causing pregnancy to occur. We encounter similar pregnancy tables in virgin women where the hymen is still present without sexual intercourse.

The greatest desire of our patients who applied to our clinic for vaginismus treatment is to have children and to ensure the continuity of their families. We also witness that most of the patients, who did not believe that the vaginismus treatment would be successful due to the wrong treatment practices in the wrong treatment centers, apply directly to the IVF centers in order to have a child. Although couples have a chance to have children with in vitro fertilization or vaccination, their vaginismus and sexual problems will not be resolved.

The chance of pregnancy with in vitro fertilization or vaccination applied by couples who could not have sexual intercourse to have a child varies by 30-40%. The side effects of the hormone drugs used, the tiring and long treatment time, and the high cost must be taken into account during this treatment.

The failure they experience after a tiring and stressful treatment with IVF treatment will deepen their disappointment with sexuality and increase their unhappiness.

However, with 100% treatment of vaginismus that can be done in the right treatment centers in 3 or 4 days on average, you will have the chance to get pregnant naturally and to solve your sexual problem permanently.

With the solution of the vaginismus problem, the communication of the couples with each other becomes stronger and their self-confidence increases in social environments. They feel happier and more peaceful both in their private and business lives.

Almost all of our patients who have succeeded in the problem of vaginismus express astonishment that after the treatment, a fog has lifted from their lives and that they did not anticipate that they could be treated so easily.

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