Vaginismus, which is a common sexual dysfunction in our country; It is a sexual intercourse problem that causes inability to have sexual intercourse or causes pain as a result of involuntary contraction of the love muscles (pelvic, vaginal muscles).

The vagina is a canal of 8-9 cm, and this canal has an accordion-like structure that can extend up to 16-18 cm and stretch 10 cm. That is why the vagina is a miraculous organ that changes form during sexual intercourse and recovers when it ends.

There are smooth muscles of 2-3 cm at the entrance of the vagina, and these muscles involuntarily and even the whole body contract, and with the behavior of pushing their partner, penetration (penetration) becomes impossible. Men also come to us with the idea that there is a wall of flesh pushing me away.

In a normal vagina, in a union as it should be; Whether it is the first experience or hundreds of mergers, contrary to what is known in the society, there is no tearing or bleeding.

Studies show that Vaginismus, which is seen all over the world, is in 1 out of every 10 women in Turkey.


Vaginismus is an important sexual health problem. This is not the woman’s problem, it’s the couple’s compatibility problem. In other words, it is the couple’s problem as it is a joint action. That’s why we want spouses to come to therapy together.

Vaginismus can have dozens of causes. 90 percent of these causes are psychological and 10 percent are physiological.

Some of the psychological causes are traumas, exaggerated stories of first sexual experiences, incorrectly learned sexuality information, myths (false beliefs). Physiological causes, which are very rare, are; anatomical differences (half-moon, fully closed, veiled hymen, vaginal shortening, tumors, etc.)

Another definition of vaginismus is It is a procrastination disorder. The client constantly postpones the treatment for various reasons, and we often hear the phrase “I wish I had come from the first day” at the end of the treatment. These delays can bring different problems between couples over time. Children’s questions from the environment is just one of them. It’s never too late, DO NOT DELAY..

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