Vaginismus definition should be made before information about vaginismus treatment. vaginismus; We can define it as the situation in which sexual intercourse becomes impossible due to some negative emotions and thoughts arising from the unconscious, reflexively, independent of the will of the person in the lower pelvic floor muscles just before sexual intercourse. It is a sexual dysfunction that we frequently encounter in women in our country.

It is the recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina before and during sexual intercourse in women with vaginismus, which prevents sexual intercourse. While this contraction in the vagina is strong enough to not allow sexual intercourse or the insertion of something such as fingers or tampons in most women, it is forced in very few cases. For this reason, the idea of ​​sexual intercourse or even a small attempt in women experiencing vaginismus causes contractions. In some women with this problem, besides the contraction of the vagina, there are also contractions in the legs and other parts of the body. Feelings of repulsion, fear, and panic arise when the partner attempts sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus problem in women experiencing vaginismus has been present since the beginning of sexual life, but women are not aware of the situation since they do not attempt sexual intercourse. After the first sexual intercourse experience, couples begin to notice the problem. Most women with this problem experience fear and spasm at the first attempt at sexual intercourse. As a result, as this situation continues, sexual intercourse attempts gradually become rare within a few months, and the couple develop the habit of experiencing sexual intercourse without attempting sexual intercourse or give up trying.

The search for treatment in the problem of vaginismus usually begins to manifest itself within a year. In some people, we see that this period is much longer. We think that the reason for this is that women who have accepted their sexual life with Vaginismus are exposed to the pressure of having children. vaginismus treatment.

If we suspect that we have vaginismus, we should first be examined by a gynecologist. If there is no anatomical or organic obstacle to sexual intercourse in the examination, the Vaginismus problem is determined to be psychological/psychogenic. After this stage, the treatment method is sexual therapies.

Frequency of Vaginismus

Studies in our country show that 50% of those who apply to sexual therapy units apply because of Vaginismus. vaginismus treatment.

Causes of Vaginismus

Studies have shown that women with vaginismus problems show certain common characteristics. (Cetad, 2006)

  • oppressive, authoritarian father,

  • Difficulties in the father-daughter relationship

  • weak, powerless mother,

  • Family devaluing/degrading sexuality,

  • Disgust or dislike of sexual organs,

  • Negative religious conditioning

  • sexual violence,

  • gay identification,

  • False information and beliefs,

  • Fear of losing the hymen

  • sexual taboos, myths, beliefs,

  • passive, dependent spouse,

  • Fear of pregnancy

Cognitive processes and some beliefs of women with vaginismus are thought to have negative and false beliefs as follows. (Cetad, 2006)

  • Realizing at an early age that men (usually the father) are unreliable and threatening

  • Learning at an early age that women (mother) are weak and helpless and men are dominant,

  • Learning at an early age that sexual intercourse is a bad and painful thing, but men want it and women have to put up with it,

  • Things that go into the body are painful and perceived as violence,

  • suppression of fear and anger; learning at an early age that expressing them is not welcome.

  • Learning that being emotionally and physically open is threatening and unreliable.

  • Pain on first try.

Vaginismus Treatment

As clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, we apply sexual therapies in the treatment of vaginismus. And we see that the response and success rate to treatment is very high. We see that those who maintain continuity in the therapy process and fulfill their homework improve by almost 95%.

The treatment is to gradually eliminate the contraction in the vagina through exercises through the main homework. In this process, we try to eliminate our beliefs about sexuality and the problems that cause vaginismus.

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