Vaginismus is the situation where the couple cannot have sexual intercourse against known and unknown threats or threats, mostly due to a defense mechanism formed by involuntary defense. This defense can occur in the form of many different reactions such as closure of the legs, contraction, pushing, crying, shouting, fainting, nausea/vomiting. Couples are in an anxiety rather than fear, they experience a helplessness that they cannot understand at that moment.

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Couples may attribute their failure in their first attempt at a relationship to fatigue, excitement and stress. As they fail in the next attempts, they slowly start to face the truth, but they always avoid facing the truth and they can spend months and years in this way. By hearing from others, by researching and reading from various information sources such as the internet, they become aware of their illness and seek treatment. Considering that it will be very difficult to share the sexuality and sexual life experienced privately between two people, where this privacy is tabooed by the way of upbringing and the environment, with another stranger, there is a lot of delay in the treatment. It is difficult for couples to share this problem with friends and family, and the issue cannot be brought up to others with the fear that it will be ridiculed, ridiculed, and said, ‘I’m sorry, that’s all. Vaginismus, which can seriously affect the whole of the marriage and the mental state of the person before the treatment, is expressed by the couples who are in a state of happiness and surprise after the treatment, with discourses such as “What’s wrong with that, we waited so long for nothing”. Afterwards, sexual intercourse, which can be described as easy due to the nature of the job, is a nightmare for fences beforehand. In addition, there is a very clear problem, unlike other sexual dysfunctions, the problem is obvious, intercourse cannot take place. Faking things like role-playing and ignoring are not effective. Then the ‘child issue’ comes into play and the concept of ‘there will be no children if this problem is not resolved’ becomes a reality for couples. However, although vaginismus reduces the probability of getting pregnant a little due to physical obstacles, it does not prevent pregnancy and there are hundreds of couples who became pregnant while the vaginismus state continues.

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The most common sexual dysfunction is not vaginismus, but the most common reason for admission to clinics is vaginismus. The most important point in this is that the fact that the relationship cannot be experienced is an undeniable and unacceptable fact for couples, and at the same time, it is the biggest obstacle to pregnancy for couples.

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Vaginismus, which has existed in the past and will exist in the future, can be seen anywhere in the world and in everyone. Variable factors such as occupation, age, education level, income level, religion, intellectual level, IQ are not selective factors. Mostly the reason is psychological, thought factors. Rarely, anatomical factors may also be the cause. The intellectual reasons that are most likely to occur in every couple are false, hearsay information about sexuality, which is also known as sexual myths or which we can also describe as urban legends, and especially about the first night. The most accepted and feared urban legend is the famous contraction story known as the ‘lockdown’. Many reasons such as past traumas, relationships with parents, previous relationships, relationship between the couple, and current psychiatric diseases can be found singly or in combination.

Anatomical disorders can be easily ruled out with a simple genital examination that can be done at the appropriate time and under appropriate conditions. The detailed biography of the couple is very important. After the necessary examinations and tests are performed and the history is adequately questioned, the problem or problems that may cause vaginismus are detected and the treatment process begins. A wide variety of treatment methods are available. The treatment that is suitable for the couple should be selected. Single method or combined treatments can be applied. The treatment process is variable, whether it will be short or long depends on the history of the couple and their current additional ailments.

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