Vaginal Tampons

Women mostly cause irreversible damage when the vaginal tampon they use during the summer months, during the holiday season or while exercising or in private meetings, is used incorrectly.

After applying tampons to the vagina, it should be left in the vagina for a maximum of 6-8 hours. If the tampon is left in the vagina for a long time, ie 8 hours, it causes the growth of bacteria called cytophycoccus. The toxins secreted by these bacteria cause a life-threatening syndrome.

Toxic table to occur

sudden onset of fever

vomiting- diarrhea

stomach ache

lesions on the skin that resemble sunburn

severe headache

blood pressure drop

The bumpers are produced in three sizes. Mini medium super size. Mini and medium sizes are used for women with mild and moderate menstrual periods, for women with heavy and severe menstrual periods, super size is used.

Rules to be followed for tampon insertion

Tampons hold in the vagina because of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. Thus, spontaneous falling (Sliding) is prevented.

Standing, squatting or lying on your back

Hands are clean and washed

remove from buffer gelatin

do not touch anything

Push it deep into the vagina between two fingers or with one finger.


Do not use the tampon at night

Prefer pets at night.

There is no obstacle to urination and defecation in the use of tampons.

Do not hold for more than 8 hours

Pad does not create pressure.

Daily work and active sports can be done.

It prevents odor due to bleeding that will occur during menstruation.

Change tampons if kept for more than 8 hours.

Do not use tampons to prevent discharge and odor outside the menstrual period.

undesirable situations

The tampon thread may escape into the vagina.

In these cases, do not panic, gently push two fingers into the vagina and try to find the thread and pull it out.

It can be easily taken out by pulling the string to remove it.

If the thread is not found, seek medical help.

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