Vaginal rejuvenation


The fastest growing branch of cosmetic surgery is genitoplasty, that is, genital area aesthetic surgery. Many names have been derived to describe the surgeries performed. One of the most well-known terms is vaginal rejuvenation. This term describes labiaplasty (reduction of the inner lips) and vaginoplasty (narrowing of the vagina) operations.

Until a few years ago, genitoplasty operations were considered unnecessary even by doctors. However, women do not want to live with sagging and large labia that lack symmetry. They are not happy with the enlarged vagina and the consequent decrease in pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Patients usually apply to the doctor with complaints of vaginal enlargement as a result of tears at birth and subsequent insufficient tissue healing. In fact, many patients have serious sexual problems with their spouses, although they do not know that there is a cure for this problem. The patient loses his self-confidence, and as a result of the serious stress he experiences, vaginal secretion also decreases, and sexual intercourse becomes torture. In some patients, a sound comes from the vagina during intercourse and a very serious self-confidence problem arises. There is a constant wetness and odor in the underwear, and the patient feels as if the bladder is going to fall. In advanced stages, the bladder or rectum actually hangs out of the vagina, resulting in urinary incontinence, constipation and irritation due to friction.

Young girls now think that the shape and appearance of the genital area is important, and middle-aged women want to feel 21 years old again, not to swallow the functional loss caused by birth injuries. The place where this movement started is the State of Southern California.

What is pleasing is that these operations can be easily performed without general anesthesia, even in practice conditions. By avoiding general anesthesia, many complications related to anesthesia are ruled out. The cost of the operation is reduced.

Vaginoplasty takes an average of 60 minutes, depending on the degree of damage. There are few specialists who can perform these surgeries in office conditions.

Although there are no randomized controlled studies, we observe a significant improvement in the sexual life of many couples after vaginal rejuvenation.
Treatments that we can do under examination conditions that do not require general anesthesia:

1) Labiaplasty (Shaping of inner and outer lips)

2) Cliteral Hood Reduction (Shaping, reducing the clitoris)

3) Vaginoplasty (Narrowing the vagina, restoring the damaged muscle and soft tissue and making it functional)

4) Application of synthetic support if bladder and rectum prolapse is required to be corrected)

5) G-spot filler injection

It is not enough to be an Obstetrician and Gynecologist or a Plastic Surgeon in order to perform genitoplasty operations. In our country, the number of surgeons who can perform these surgeries in accordance with their standards is very few. Technical skills and an artistic approach to the subject are very important. Less than 1% of gynecologists worldwide are trained and certified in cosmetic vaginal surgery.
Please choose your doctor carefully. Otherwise, you may encounter very sad consequences that cannot be compensated.

The hospital where the surgery is performed, the choice of office and the type of anesthesia affect the prices. Ask your doctor about prices.

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