Vaginal rejuvenation


For women, being a mother is a very beautiful and at the same time quite laborious process. After this process, which can sometimes take the form of an ordeal, if the action is really very troublesome, this region disrupts the anatomy while the baby comes out of the mother’s vaginal canal. The ruptures in the pelvic floor membranes that occur cause sagging and opening in the mouth of the vagina.

This problem is known as uterine prolapse by many women. As is known, this problem sometimes affects sexual life. This situation sometimes affects the woman and causes orgasm problems, and sometimes affects the man and complains that he has difficulty in being satisfied by expressing that his genitals are not wrapped by the vagina and that it is not tight enough.

This situation destroys the marriage when the spouses cannot understand each other. If there is such a complaint, the spouses should be seen together and the pelvic pressure should be recorded with the pressure measuring devices we call pelvimetry. Only in this way can diagnostic reliability be ensured. After the patient is diagnosed, we can talk about gynecological laser applications, vaginal tightening or rejuvenation.

Dear ladies, this method can be applied painlessly, without anesthesia, on an outpatient basis. It is a method that does not have any side effects and only tightens the tissue by increasing vaginal collagenization. There is no need for resting pain relief after the procedure. Sexual abstinence after the procedure is only two weeks and is a very tolerable process.

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