Vaginal Hygiene

Vaginal hygiene is very important for women with daily discharge.

For the hygiene of the external genital area, this area should always be kept dry, not wet and humid. Transparent vaginal discharge is always considered normal. This ensures the wetness and humidity of the area. However, if these discharges are continuous and excessive (intense), they pave the way for fungal and some bacterial infections.

To ensure vaginal hygiene;

Use daily pet.

Changing underwear and clothes will often be impossible due to the daily workload. For this reason, we recommend daily pet use.

Daily pets:



keep dry

Prevention of irritation

It stands out with its refreshing properties.

Choose your clothes correctly.

loose clothes

Changing underwear frequently

Cotton fabric should be preferred instead of synthetic laundry.

While cleaning

Do not do a vaginal douche

Clean the genital area from front to back.

Use acid solution or soap for cleaning product.

Ensure that the external genitalia is always dry, not wet and moist. Consider clear vaginal discharge as normal. If the currents are continuous and intense, this will prevent the area from remaining dry. In this case, it will prepare the ground for the settlement of fungi and other infections.

For this reason, the laundry should be changed frequently or absorbent cotton pads should be used.

Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided.

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