Vaginal discharge

It is a health problem that every woman is familiar with and faces at some point in her life.

Although it bothers women a lot, it is also very useful in that it is a harbinger of many diseases.

Although the vagina is a canal with folds inside, it is usually a genital organ of 3 cm width and 8-10 cm length in its natural state.

The vagina has 4 basic functions.

Providing sexual intercourse

Presence of urinary tract

Functioning for normal delivery

expulsion of menstrual blood

In order to fulfill these functions, the vagina must remain wet and moist.

However, when wetness turns into a stream, pathological problems arise.

Seen in certain periods of the menstrual period;



Prolonged discharges are normal vaginal discharges that occur with hormonal effect.

There is no harm in terms of health.

However, if it is in the form of yellow or green-smelling pieces and causes pain and aching during burning, we can now talk about pathology.

Vaginal discharge is one of the most common problems for gynecologists.

While the currents are sometimes the harbinger of a disease, sometimes they are physiological events that help in providing normal function.

Physiological currents are a necessary condition for female orgasm.

While a moist vagina facilitates sexual intercourse, it prevents irritation that will occur with the friction of the outer lips during movement.

Pathological discharges may be a harbinger of cervix inflammation.

In addition, many gynecological diseases can also cause pathological discharge.

Pathological discharges are abnormal discharges. Feeling of heaviness in the groin and lower abdomen, pain, itching, burning during sexual intercourse and bleeding in progressive cases are very important in terms of preventing early diagnosis and treatment complications.

Bacterial vaginitis :

Yellow, gray, white discharge is a table that does not cause itching and pain during sexual intercourse.

The infection heals completely with medication and (fungus) treatment.

If it is passed on to the spouse, the treatment of the spouse is also required.

Protection from vaginal discharge:

Toilet habit is the biggest factor for infection.

For this reason, the cleaning of the area should be done from front to back to prevent contamination of intestinal bacteria.

In order to prevent the settlement and reproduction of fungal infections, keeping the outer area dry, therefore, cotton underwear that provides ventilation on the skin should be preferred.

Tight and tight clothing should not be worn.

Do not use perfumed paper cleaning products.

The external genital area should be cleaned only with water or cleaning products suitable for vaginal pH should be used.

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