Vaginal aesthetics

Socio-cultural changes, more active participation of women in life and easy access to information, especially in the information age, have made women more conscious about their health. Again, the progress of science and technique, the satisfaction of the patients in aesthetic surgery, the interest in these operations is increasing day by day.

What is vaginal aesthetics?

We call the operations we perform on the female genitalia as genital plastic surgeries. Narrowing of the vagina, reduction of the labium (outer lip), surgery and interventions that make the sensitive areas in the vagina clear with local injections and facilitate orgasm fall into this group.

Reasons for applying vaginal aesthetics

Discomforts such as enlargement of the vagina and sagging of the urinary bladder may occur in a group of patients after normal delivery. After these discomforts, complaints such as urinary incontinence and constipation may occur. We perform these surgeries not only to relieve the aesthetic concerns of our patients, but also to treat a group of our patients. In addition, we apply genital aesthetic operations to our patients in some congenital developmental anomalies, which are not seen very often.

With these operations, patients do not have any scars and they can continue their active and sexual lives in a short time. Patients who do not have aesthetic problems after this surgery will feel more comfortable in sexual life and increase their psychological well-being thanks to their self-confidence.

How to apply vaginal plastic surgeries

These surgeries are performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. In vaginal tightening operations, the enlarged vaginal tissue is removed and the vagina is tightened, so that this organ gains its prenatal tightness. It is an operation that takes about 1 hour. Our patients go home on the evening of the operation day. After the operation, there are not many complaints of pain, they return to their sexual life within 3-4 weeks.

The lips at the vagina outlet (labium) are partially larger in some women, while doing sports and hygienic conditions can cause complaints, we mostly perform surgeries for this area for aesthetic concerns. Reducing the lips and keeping them aesthetically pleasing

The rate of women who cannot orgasm during intercourse in the society is at a level that cannot be underestimated in scientific studies. Female orgasm is divided into clitoral (0.5 cm organ sensitive to stimulation on the upper wall of the vagina) and vaginal orgasm by some scientists. Vaginal orgasm is the G spot, named by the German Dr. Ernest Grafenberg in the 1940s, in the vagina in terms of women’s orgasm. It is one of the sensitive points. Finding and determining this point of approximately a few cm and making it clear by injecting some aesthetic fillers under local anesthesia in outpatient clinic conditions will significantly increase satisfaction, enthusiasm and orgasm during intercourse.

When is vaginal aesthetic applied after delivery?

We generally recommend these surgeries to our patients who have completed their deliveries and are at least 1 year after their last delivery. G-spot injections and labium operations, which facilitate orgasm, can be easily applied in certain sexually mature patient groups at any time.

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