In women, the genital organs, which are deformed due to age, childbearing and other reasons, are re-naturalized.
getting in shape, not only a beautiful appearance, but also increased sexual satisfaction and a better relationship between partners.
can adapt well. Vaginal tightening operation, dysfunctional and relaxed vaginal muscles
While increasing sexual pleasure by correcting it, operations to the vaginal lips provide an aesthetic appearance.
is for purpose.

How is the operation done?
Vaginal tightening operation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia supplemented with intravenous sedatives
It is a procedure that can be performed under anesthesia and takes an average of 30 minutes. Depending on age or normal births
As a result, the muscles and soft tissues that have loosened, lost their function and started to sag are recovered.
Thus, the tension and resistance of the vagina and vaginal canal are increased,
sexual pleasure increases.

In addition, interventions for the clitoris not only improve the appearance, but also increase sexual pleasure.

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