Vagina aesthetics

Women may not be satisfied or at peace with their own organs as a result of changes in the natural structure of vaginal organs, normal vaginal births and physical problems such as infections. This dissatisfaction causes dissatisfaction in sexual relations and some difficulties in daily life. In today’s modern gynecology, problems can be easily eliminated with aesthetics.

Structural and deformity deformities occur in the vaginal region, which are present from birth or due to congenital reasons, which are not reversible in women. Enlargement of the vagina, tears in the back region, palpable protrusions during the examination turn the daily life and sexual life of the woman into a nightmare. In this case, the woman avoids sexual intercourse, obsessively reminds her of the structure of her sexual organ, and her motivation deteriorates, and she will face problems such as embarrassment, exclusion from society, inability to establish social bonds, wanting to have a relationship with her husband in the dark, and anxiety. If the woman’s vagina is in a normal structure, her self-confidence will increase and she will be liked by her husband or partner, and this situation will reflect positively on her sexual life.

The main reason underlying these problems of women who avoid intercourse, do not feel self-confident, do not enjoy sexual intercourse, and have constant complaints is their sexual organs and aesthetic concerns. When the vagina is enlarged, women cannot get enough pleasure from sexual intercourse, and they also cause trouble with the enlarged and abundant vagina and incontinence of urine, feces and gas.

Briefly, this pathology in the vagina;

* Both partners do not get pleasure from sexual intercourse,
* Painful intercourse,
* Vaginal dryness (not being wet),
* Gas, stool and urinary incontinence,
* Groin and lower back pain during physical movements,
* It can cause bladder and bowel sagging.

Vaginal aesthetics is performed under sterile conditions under local or general anesthesia; It takes twenty thirty minutes. If intestinal and urinary prolapses called cystocele and rectesol are accompanied, the procedure may take up to 1 hour. The length of stay in the hospital is 3-4 hours and he can return to work within 1-2 days. The operation is based on the principle of approximating both the expanding vaginal wall and the separations in the muscle by suturing and removing the excess vagina. The placed suture materials dissolve by themselves and are discarded. Therefore, no stitches are required. It is forbidden to enter the pool, bathtub and bath for 3 weeks, and it is possible to take a shower. 1 month sexual intercourse ban is placed.

The situations where vaginal aesthetics are needed are as follows:

Poorly healing episio defect at birth, visual disturbance of the organ, non-aesthetic posture, pain at intercourse, tenderness and some swellings that develop into and out of the vagina. Women who do not find their genitals aesthetically pleasing to avoid wearing bikinis or tight pants, do not even want to appear naked to their partners. This situation brings along psychological problems such as alienation from sexual intercourse or obsession over time. The way to a healthy and happy togetherness is primarily through self-confidence.

Sexual organ aesthetics and vagina aesthetics are very important beyond what is known. It is very important that being liked by the partner gives the person self-confidence and happiness. Therefore, today’s women need medical support to take a more active role in sexual life.

The enlarged and loosened vagina cannot grasp the penis sufficiently, the enlarged vagina cannot be adequately irrigated. Since this situation reduces pleasure, it causes sexual dissatisfaction. The woman loses her self-confidence and begins to run away from sexuality and withdraw from sexual life. Sexual problems can also damage the relationship between couples.

Today, sexual organ aesthetic operations, especially vaginaplasties (narrowing) ensure that both women and men get sexual pleasure and maintain their happy relationships. Vaginaplasty can be applied to any woman (who has completed puberty) at any age, whether she is married, single, has given birth or not.

As a result of this operation;
– Sexual life is activated,
– Self-confidence increases,
– High level of pleasure from sexuality,
– A high level of motivation occurs when self-reinvention occurs.

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