Vaccination for infertility treatment

In cases of known infertility, pregnancy should be planned after the problem is overcome. In cases of unexplained infertility, “vaccination” can be tried before IVF.

What is done during the vaccination process is to stimulate the woman’s eggs with needles and after the eggs crack, pass the semen through certain processes and place the prepared semen into the uterus. The purpose of processing semen is to increase the motility and density of sperms.

Vaccination is not a treatment for any cause, it is a procedure to increase the chance of pregnancy. Vaccination can be applied especially in cases of unknown infertility and mild sperm disorders.

It should not be preferred because it will not increase the chance of pregnancy much in cases where the woman’s advanced age, long infertility period, and serious disorders in ovulation. In such cases, it is beneficial to switch to IVF treatment as soon as possible.

Before vaccination, it is evaluated whether the tubes are open. If there is a problem in the tubes, pregnancy does not occur because the sperm cannot reach the egg by passing the tubes. The development of eggs stimulated with pills or injections is monitored by ultrasound. When the eggs reach a certain size (approximately 10, 12 days later), a cracking needle is given.

After the injection, the sperms taken from the spouse are washed and their motility is increased and they are injected into the uterus through a catheter. When the number of developing eggs is above four, it can be converted to IVF treatment due to the risk of multiple pregnancy.

Immunization treatment should be preferred if the success of the vaccination, the age of the woman, infertility period, the patency of the tubes, if there is a male factor and the ovarian capacity is low. In this case, the best option is again in vitro fertilization treatment.

Even in the best conditions with vaccination, the chance of pregnancy does not exceed 20%. It is recommended to switch to IVF in cases that do not result in pregnancy by vaccinating three or four times. The reason why it is preferred before IVF is that it is a cheaper and more effortless treatment.

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